I Shouldn’t Press My Luck

So I was feeling pretty happy about hitting 20k words (exactly!) in my NaNoWriMo today so I decided to dink around in WoW for an hour or two.

The first cool thing that happened was getting WSG for my random battleground, seeing that our ragtag group of team members was up against a pre-made, deciding to stick around anyway… aaaand then notching up a win. Against the pre-made. I giggled.

The second cool thing that happened was that I decided to clear out my quest log before Cataclysm so I was doing this random quest down in Howling Fjord and I happened to stumble upon this huge gigantic elite polar bear as part of the quest. So obviously I tamed him.

So there I was, doing pretty good for a random WoW break, so I hopped onto my Netherdrake and sort of aimlessly started to fly around in a general Northerly direction. I had the music on (which is rare) and it was nice and calm and atmospheric and I was kind of thinking about the good times I’d enjoyed with this expansion and how it was almost over.

And this is when the third cool thing happened. See, I somehow wound up in Zul’drak during this little jaunt, and a little voice popped into my brain. The little voice said, “Hey, isn’t there a spirit beast around here or something?”

And I said, “Hey, I think there is! Let’s turn on Track Beasts for the heck of it.”

So I turned on Track Beasts.

And the second I did, this little yellow dot appeared on my minimap.

I moused over it and it said “Gondria”.


This is, believe it or not, my very first Spirit Beast. I know Gondria is sort of seen as the Poor Man’s Loque, but I’m already in love with my Shiny Ghost Kitty who, because of his heal, has already proven himself to live through things that would have killed any of my other pets. (Read: the last boss in Gundrak who does that thing, I’m not sure what it is, that KILLS PETS DEAD.)

I had to release my newly-tamed polar bear to get Gondria. But don’t worry. I went back and got the same bear again afterwards. :3

24 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Press My Luck”

  1. I just recently broke 20k with my NaNoWriMo, but still haven’t found time for WoW. At least this is a good time to take a hiatus. Congrats on the spiritbeast!

  2. Congratulations! I don’t care what anyone says, I like Gondria better. I have Loque as well (2/4 spirit) but shiny=better in my books, so long as it’s the sparkle pony.

  3. The last boss in Gundrak does a whirlwind that leaves a hefty bleed. You either have to call your pet back before he does it or hope to have a healer who really loves keeping pets up…

  4. It’s funny that you say that. I had been camping Gondria for a week with no luck and on a whim flew to Grizzly Hills. I remembered that there was another spirit beast there and immediately found Arcturis and tamed him.

  5. I installed _NPCScan before I went on my post-4.0 taming spree. You have to clear the creature cache every so often, but if you do it will alert you noisily when you’re near a rare spawn. I think I’m going to leave it on. I won’t want to miss any rares I happen upon while leveling to 85.

  6. “Poor man’s Loq”?!? Those words hurt me…

    I have found both Gondria and Loq on my hunter. I tamed Gondra and killed Loq. Screw Loq, Gondria will take a spot in my stable over Loq any day! Of all 4 spirit beasts, Loq is by far the least “spirit” looking. It wasn’t until the introduction of Gondria that I started to have interests in taming spirit beasts.

  7. “(Read: the last boss in Gundrak who does that thing, I’m not sure what it is, that KILLS PETS DEAD.)”

    I so love you for this, as it is exactly what always annoys me at the end of Gundrak. I really keep an eye on my pet, call it back when he whirls, then I think about DPSing for 5 seconds and BAM, my pet is dead ._. So mean.

  8. Gal’darah has a channeled whirlwind that leaves a stacking bleed. As soon as you see him start spinning, pull your pet out. Mend Pet should be able to cover one or two stacks of the bleed.

    Grats on the ghostkitty!

  9. Personally, I love Loque, but I agree with everyone else here that Gondria is the best looking spirit beast. I have him(her?) on 2 of my hunters, and am looking for him on my ‘main’ now that she has stable slots to spare. 😀

    Yes, I have multiple level 80 hunters. I think I may have an addiction.

  10. Grats! I had that same moment a week ago, flying around zul drak, one lap at the SB spawn circuit before I went to go play racquetball,and low and behold, there was gondria, also my first spirit beast. Enjoy!

  11. Gal’darah’s whirlwind is kind of a timing thing for hunters (and locks, if your demon gets within melee range). Having done it about 80 billion times now, give or take a million (the LFD system seems to love giving me GD), I have a good feel for it. Basically, pull your pet out after you go through your rotation once, keep him out for another rotation, then you can send him back in; Gal should be just about going into beast phase by that point. And your pet will then love you and hug you and call you George. =)

  12. HOLY CRAPS, congrats! My nifty lvl 80 NE huntard that I’ve raided Wrath with . . . he STILL doesn’t have a spirit beast. Let alone Gondria. Again, congrats, getting this pet can take forever. Which reminds me, something to put on the calendar this week…

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