Holy Crap You Guys, This Rogue Thing

Crazy secret hideout thing in Hillsbrad that I didn’t know existed? Check.

Traps set for you on the way there? Check.

Hot blood elf guys?


Tearing up battlegrounds at 29? Check. Not as much as I was at 19, but still.

This rogue thing is wicked fun. Just sayin’.

8 thoughts on “Holy Crap You Guys, This Rogue Thing”

  1. I recently discovered this place a few months back when I finally moved my son over to his own account. I was leveling a kitty druid, he was leveling a rogue, both classes neither of us had played before. We were questing in Hillsbrad and my son told me his rogue needed to go do some things and proceeded to the secret hideout. How he knew about it I don’t know, probably some secret rogue thing. But yes, I was quite surprised to find this large compound of secret rogue training that I had never heard of. And I’ve been playing since open beta of vanilla!

  2. I’ve heard of this…but never leveled a rogue. Is it sort of like the hunter bow quest where you have to track the four demons at the ends of the earth?

    Also, I hate rogues, just for the record.

  3. Yeah that place is awesome, got my rogue quest to go there, and was like holy heck where did this come from?

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