When I’ve actually been playing WoW lately (and not Starcraft 2), I’ve been all about my gnomes. I’m serious with this, you guys. I’ve got Tawbree (my gnome warlock), Tourbillon (my gnome rogue), Widgets (my gnome mage, who I am leveling on a separate server with one of my good Twitter friends– and yes, I actually paid money to transfer BoA items over because I am spoiled), and my latest project, my gnome warrior Breguet (whom I have made a jewelcrafter, which seems appropriate. I 100% blame Khraden‘s comment in one of my earlier posts for this name inspiration.)

It’s so funny because these are classes that I have never been able to get into before– do you guys know how many times I’ve attempted warriors, and then scrapped them before level 10?– but this time is different. I am convinced that gnomes make everything more fun.

And yes, I have a spot all ready to go on my main server for my impending gnome priest.

And goblins, a BUNCH of those are happening.

Let’s make this an interactive blog post, shall we? Gnomes make everything more fun for me… what makes everything more fun for YOU?

19 thoughts on “GNOOOOMESTOOOOORM”

  1. Swift Flight Form. And bear spec – now I can solo Outlands dungeons much more easily than I could in cat spec.

    And warlocks! Holy crap warlocks are so much fun. I have one at 53 and a secret gnome warlock on an RP server who’s only 12.

    And heirlooms! I’m late to the game on this one but I just got my new little shaman heirloom shoulders and chest and weapon, with another weapon soon to come for dual-wielding goodness, and she is indestructible. My goal with her is to see as many of the Alliance quests as possible before Cataclysm.

  2. Gnomes. 😀

    I have an 80 gnome rogue, 80 gnome mage, 80 gnome DK, mid-30s gnome warrior, gnome warlock that is currently my bank alt but will probably be leveled in Cataclysm, and my 80 shadowpriest will probably get turned into a gnome as soon as the race change becomes available. *grin*

  3. I’ve been slowly leveling up my gnome DK – I play her when my other toons need to rest up. She’s a blast to play! Nothing like a little gnome with green-cheerleader-pigtails running around, death gripping things and smacking them to death to make your smile.

    I started a priest ages ago and struggled leveling her – pajama wearing priests seem to attract all the baddies in a 1 mile radius. I kept plugging away mainly becuase she was my jewelcrafter (major gold investment) but also becuase I needed a change (I usually play “tank and spank” sort of toons). And then she hit lvl 60….and I started to love playing her. I find myself cackling evilly as she runs around, “vapiric hugging” and diseasing everything in sight. Yeah, I know…strange… 😉

  4. Lately, my druid. 🙂 She’s still very small, but I am finding a love of HoTs that I never knew existed. I’m questing with my hubby, who is playing a warrior, and finding the joy that I used to get with tanking (Yeah, who’s bad, who’s bad, that hardly even hurt, is that the best you can do?) in keeping him alive as he grabs four or five mobs to test me with.

    I have an 80 priest who I’ve tried to heal on, and I just panic and start button mashing, hoping like heck I hit something that will do the job. This way, I’m learning how to heal from the ground up, and I am really surprised at how much I like it!

  5. Thought my Gnome DK was fun until I started a Gnome ‘lock. Just having fun until Cata drops and I can get me some Goblin lovin’ . . .

  6. for me, mostly orcs. orc warrior, hunter, shaman, warlock, rogue. my paladin would be if they were allowed, too.

    anyhow,it’s pretty tempting to make a macro for bladestorm on some shrimpy gnome somewhere…

  7. So I want to know what happens to Tinkertown in Cata ? The Gnomes have got off there little behinds and taken back Gnomer…so what’s in Tinkertown ? a supermarket ?? does the tram still work ???

  8. Punting gnomes. >.>

    Generally, though, I feel about Tauren the way you feel about gnomes. Tauren are so different from a lot of the normal fantasy tropes. I mean, hey, Sioux minotaurs? What’s not to like about that? There’s an interesting dichotomy in their culture, a balance between live-and-let-live peace and somebody-is-gonna-die ferocity.

  9. Much gnome love <3 <3

    I've played a gnome rogue since D&D days and I love my wow gnome rogue. She was my first toon and while she was retired for a long time, I've recently begun playing her again. I have a gnome lock as well, mostly because the animation when she casts incinerate is soooo cute. It's like she jumps up and down with joy whenever she lights someone on fire. 🙂

  10. Hmmm.

    Not really a race, but…
    indestructible melee. I hate melee dps in dungeons, but man, it’s fun to see an elite my level in the world and go squish it without breaking a sweat. I should totally roll a gnome melee, just to see if it’s even more fun when tiny. Being an indestructible caster is also fun, just harder to manage.

    Also, new zones and lore. I’m having a ridiculous amount of fun with my DK in Netherstorm, a zone I’d never done before.

    And baby murlocs. Why, oh why, aren’t there more baby murloc quests?

  11. Hunting for rares. That includes pets, mounts, NPCs, transformation items, and now tabards. I’m almost done with the 25 tabards achievement.

  12. Probably exploring each zone I go through; I try to to get through all the quests, and visit every corner of each zone, and getting all the lore before I level out of it. And then, with the next character I level up, I hit different zones.

    One thing I don’t really like about Cata is that the Goblins are going to strip-mine Azshara, the most picturesque place in the game. It’s such a cool zone!

    That and I have like four hunters of varying levels, just to get all the pets I wanted, lol

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