My DoTs crit.

My DoTs crit.

My DoTs crit.

My DoTs crit.

8 Responses to “Affliction Warlock, Level 51”
  1. The Boy says:

    Yeah…good times, innit?

  2. morkuma says:

    welcome to the fun times.

  3. Athenrein says:

    Wooo! My warlock just hit 52 recently. It is so fun to be practically invincible.

  4. Guntitan says:

    When the f#>^ did you come back? I missed you. Where was I when this happened?

  5. Guntitan says:

    BTW my warlock is a female gnome called Force and is going to be a lesbian with her succubus.

  6. Bamos says:

    I HATE locks in BGs. Especially gnome locks!

    Destro is what really kills me tho. I’m a Shaman, so the only survivability I have is to drop my glyphed Stoneclaw Totem shield, and Chaos Bolt ignores shields.

    grrrr locks….

  7. Guntitan says:

    The dots kill you slowly. I hate them, too. They are up there on my hate list with paladins and death knights when it comes to pvp.

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