Ten Things I Have Learned Since Returning to WoW

1.) People (especially healers/tanks) who queue for something just long enough to a.) ding or b.) get one more badge, and then drop group, are not earning any Pike Respect Points

2.) Nor are people who go “Pack plz Pack plz Pack plz Pack plz” when I need to Viper. EVERYONE OVERGEARS HALLS OF REFLECTION NOW, YOU WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT ASPECT OF THE PACK, PLEASE RELAX.


4.) Feral druid PvP taught me how to mouse-turn. It only took, what, three years to beat the keyboard turning out of me?

5.) Nothing against Sparkle Ponies or those who have them, honestly, but every time I see one I remember that I’m broke IRL. >_< 6.) Since when were moonkins tearing up Recount? What sort of madhouse world have I returned to? ( <3 ) 7.) Attumen still hates me 8.) I miss the Mechanar 9.) Warlock-kiting the slimes in Maraudon is surprisingly fun 10.) ...melee is surprisingly fun, also. Especially when you are a goggles-wearing bear! >:3

P.S. I’ve thought about it, and I’m back, suckas. Can’t guarantee I’ll be writing about hunter stuff. Oh well. I miss the community <3

32 thoughts on “Ten Things I Have Learned Since Returning to WoW”

  1. It’s unfair how much damage Boomkins can put out! It’s depressing when I do a boss on my hunter, who I pour my heart and 100% effort into maximizing, and then do that same boss as my Boomkin in my sloppy, neglected, half-resto-geared offspec…and do more damage as Boomkin than my hunter did. 🙁

  2. Yay! I have been following your other blogs since you quit posting here, but it’s definitely nice to see Aspect of the Hare back and kickin! 😀

    Welcome Back!!

  3. I seriously NEVER used Pack in HoR, never occurred to me. Eventually I sussed it and put it on a toggle just so I could get to the ice wall, lay a trap, and MD to the tank before the gimps arrived.

    Yeah, them boomkins set the bar high. Not that they have anything to worry about on my regard.

  4. Nice to see you back, Pike. Personally, I haven’t been on my hunter since I came back. I just do not feel the desire to play him any more, at least until the Echo Isles invasion. I love being an alt-o-holic.

  5. Welcome back!

    And Wintergrasp is pretty fun as a resto druid…

    …well, until someone is smart enough to get three folk and target the tree. 😛

  6. Welcome back! And boomkin are really good these days. They buffed our Starfall by a lot. Makes me a happy boomer now that I’m no longer lagging in ICC (because we were falling behind earlier). ^_^

  7. Welcome Back pike!

    My poor boomkin is still in her old naxx25 caster gear, have been working on her feral gear/spec and usually end up as tank nowadays..

    I can’t wait for the shroom! It should be a sleepy shroom instead of an splodin shroom. target walks within 5 feet and it releases a sleep powder.. zzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Boomkin’s aren’t doing higher DPS. The pure-breeds are slacking. 😛 This coming coming from a boomkin who sits 3rd on damage in a Saurfang fight behind the Rogues.

    And welcome back! Nice to see you in my feed reader yet again!

  9. That was you! ^_^ welcome back: I was in this pug on my alliance toon last night and I look over more than half way through to notice the nelf hunter lass has a raptor called “walsh”… then I click on your toon name 2n2 – but i still wasn’t sure and shy so I just posed for screenshots near you *cough like a creepy stalker chicken.

    /happy dance

  10. Weird, in all the many runs I’ve done in HoR, no one has ever asked me to toss up Aspect of the Pack. It’s not like it would help out, so I don’t really see the point in it, but I guess different battlegroups are all insane! 😉

    And, on Boomkins? I love the buffs so much. I was already tearing things up, but the extra boom is a lot of fun.

  11. I’m still the Lazy Sniper writing about non-Huntery stuff – doubt anybody will be particularly pissed off if you don’t 😉

    Welcome back.

  12. I’m actually considering moving my druid over to Boomkin/Resto, just to see what all the fuss is about with regards to their caster playstyle. But that would require a gear grind that I’m not ready to do just to fulfill my morbid curiosity about other caster and ranged classes.

  13. Even though i quit my hunter a long time ago. Welcome back Pike! And write whatever you want, we’ll keep coming back!

  14. That goggles-bear is a cannon. It is a cannon that shoots cuteness, and my head, it is blown away.

    A curse upon you for inducing this headlessness upon my person!

    Sidenote: Welcome back, courtesy of a lurker!

  15. I just got my druid to 40. Im leveling resto spec, but sence i’m short on gold, i don’t know if i want to get dual spec quite yet.

  16. Good grief!

    I am surprised to see you back here so soon! I CERTAINLY wasn’t expecting BRK to be posting again too. Good to have you back though, hunterly-posts or not.

    Also tanks who abandon their groups need shooting. Repeatedly.

  17. Hi Pike. Glad you are back. Reading your post has actually increased my temptation to come back. Still don’t really have the time to play more often then very causally tho. Anyway, glad to see that you are enjoying your warlock. Take care

  18. Welcome back indeed. My hunter is asleep right now whilst I play with a Gnome DK. I’m just loving the visual of tearing down giants and ogres with this tiny little fireball. Maybe see you back in the hand…

  19. well sadly not the same battlegroup nor up at that time but glad to hear you are back around at least a little and hopefully having some fun doing so- by the way I remember a hunter/druid buddy of mine used to always do pretty respectable dps as a hunter until i just never saw him on his hunter anymore… a few weeks pass and I see his druid dpsing in icc as a boomkin (which was odd because he was a tank before) now having had significantly better gear then him and more experience with my playstyle then he does his he wasn’t even anywhere close to my dps but what he could do with his gear in boomkin was startling at times- I think they might have gotten a buff along the way that wasn’t overly publicized.

    In another thought- MM hunters have the talent for improving kill command- which has the same cd time as a raptor’s rend- what would be the possible dps increase of taking it off auto-cast and macroing the 2 together in hopes that the talented kill command (increases crit % of pet specials) will cause the rend to crit more often and therefore keeping the buff to the raptor’s dps up as much as possible?

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