10. Feign Death

9. Feign Death

8. Feign Death

7. Feign Death

6. Feign Death

5. Feign Death

4. Pretending to be dead

3. Feign Death

2. Feign Death

1. Feign Death

33 Responses to “Top Ten Things I Miss About My Hunters When Playing My Warlock”
  1. Solution: Bind Soulshatter to the same button as FD

  2. Pike says:

    @ Rilgon – I don’t get Soulshatter for like 30 more levels D=

  3. Fair enough. *hug*

    I will admit that Ice Block is in the same exact keybind as FD is on my baby Mage, and Invisibility will replace it when she gets it. >_>;

  4. Pike says:

    @ Rilgon – I’m pretty much counting down the levels until I can put Soulshatter in FD’s keybind >_>

  5. sara says:

    Ahahahah! I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been playing my kitty druid lately, and I’m like “WHERE’S MY AGGRO DUMP!?!?!!?!??!” *splat* =_=

    The other dps characters I’m playing at the moment are a shadow priest (fade) and an enhance shaman (wind shear) – why on earth don’t kitties get an aggro dump???
    (Or do they at higher levels and I’m just not there yet?)

  6. @sara, see, aggro dumps aren’t a problem for me – it’s that I’m playing my baby druid (l22) to take time off from my leveling rogue (l52), and I keep thinking “wait, my only finishing move is a DOT? I don’t get poisons? I can’t vanish…”

  7. Gimmlette says:


    It’s not a wipe if the hunter survives.

  8. Nasthian says:

    Soulshatter is a poor poor substitute for FD, anyway. FD is a complete wipe (unless it’s resisted, of course), but soul shatter is only 50% which won’t do a whole lot of good if you were the only one hitting the mob with, say, Rain of Fire. I always start slow in ranpugs so i can tell if the tank is spreading around the love or not. So for me it’s about 50/50 between FD and MD. The whole realm of things ending in D, really.

  9. krizzlybear says:

    Ice Block is definitely not as good as FD or Invis. It’s only a temporary threat wipe. If the tank hasn’t picked up your target by the time Ice Block expires, you’re boned :(

  10. Brigwyn says:

    There’s an easy answer. :)

    Delete the Lock and roll a hunter. ;) That solves 2 problems.

    1. No worries about Feign Death.
    2. One less Lock running amok out in the world. Bwahaha!

    Just kidding (well, maybe a little part of me isn’t) lol

    Seriously, when I reroll 3 abilities I can’t wait to get and wish were earlier are:
    1. Tame Pet (Locks have it so easy.)
    2. Feign Death
    3. Misdirect

    I feel your pain.

  11. Pike says:

    @ Chris Anthony – That always sort of bothered me about cat druids, they don’t get a good finisher until later…

    @ Nasthian – mobs in Scarlet Monastery just *love* me. The number of times I have jammed my Feign Death button and flailed around because nothing happened is… a big number.

  12. morkuma says:

    soulshatter sucks . stupid long cd and only 50% aggro wipe.
    but it’s better than nothing.
    hate having to stop dps’ing though, when on my hunter i could just md or fd to get a mob off of me (Depending on how it was going)

  13. Kyria says:

    Amen, sister! That’s my thing on my baby shaman. I always go for FD and then I remember that I’m not a hunter anymore and by the time I remember I’m already dead. \o/ Fun times.

  14. Elsi says:

    I dunno…at least as a night elf druid I can shadowmeld and that has worked for me..unless of course I shadowmeld in a bad spot.

  15. Dragonrose says:

    I admit that just made me laugh! But…either I’m a really good hunter or something, but I don’t use feign death nearly all that much O.o

  16. Phyllixia says:

    @Rilgon – I do have Soulshatter on the same keybind as FD, but it’s nowhere near as effective and the cooldown is way too long. I think I’ve died almost every dungeon run at least once on my warlock from pulling AoE aggro (unless the tank happens to be a good pally).

    I’d say it says more about my lack of skill as a warlock than the lack of abilities to shed aggro, but even my warlock guildies die more frequently than any other class (we don’t have a DPS warrior at the moment).

  17. Rades says:

    As my brother who plays a shaman says: “I can Feign Death. It’s called dying, then reincarnating!”

  18. You forgot MD :D


  19. Donovitch says:

    well I guess you do have the plus about not having to pretend you are dead and then get right back up from being a rotting corpse

  20. duskhawk says:

    Heh, for me it’s Disengage. I keep pulling stuff when it’s too close, so by the time I get Conflagrate on it to daze it, it’s close enough to be hitting me anyway.

  21. Jaedia says:

    That’s exactly how I feel AND I have soulshatter, it’s just not the same. Not to mention Misdirect and Disengage. Gief ._.

  22. Calamander says:

    What do I miss when playing a warlock? Concussive Shot. I find that while hunter pets and their mobs dance around a lot the warlock pet and it’s mob can almost leave the zone they roam so far and wide. As a hunter I can concussive the mob’s butt and they stand and fight. No such luck with the warlock, or at least not at level 21.

  23. Kit says:

    Pike, how do you play your Lock? I like to stack stam and tank for my imp, but then my highest Lock is only in her 20s . . .

  24. Pike says:

    @ Kit – honestly I level strictly through LFG so I have no idea how to solo.

    But in all the instances I do I just DoT stuff up and then wand the heck out of them while my imp backs up. On longer fights (bosses) I Shadow Bolt rather than wand, and for more than two or so mobs I Rain of Fire.

  25. Skyrei says:

    I think that soulshatter will probably fall short of expectations. Being merely a aggro reducer rather then a complete wipe.

    Invisiblity for mages is similar to FD, if you can get it off before you die. Though waaay more temporary then FD

  26. Indigo Haze says:

    (1) Fear until Soulshatter. Not as good, but it’s something to put distance.

    (2) If you do happen to be singular instead of group, Void > Imp.

    (3) “Bad tank! No cookie for you!” ?

  27. Hiraun says:

    @sara: Kitty aggro dump is Cower. Should be available fairly early if I remember correctly but don’t call me on it. :) (You know things are really, really going downhill if you shapeshift from Moonkin to Cat for a Cower.)

  28. Shagrat says:

    Wait until you get Seed of Corruption. I play a game with the tanks to see if they can hold aggro with my spamming seed on every mob in a pack.

  29. ihlos says:

    You forgot tracking

  30. Indigo Haze says:

    @Shagrat – I love when Warlocks do that. Randomly I’ll bubble it to them. ;)

  31. Shagrat says:

    I’ve actually got an amusing story.

    It was in Utgarde Keep, normal version. My warlock was level 70 or 71. Anyways, there was a pack of mobs outside the stairs, with one of them runecasters (might have been two). The tank dies because of the fire rune damage and it looks bad. The mobs come tearing at the healer and I use Howl of Terror sending them running. My felguard is tanking one, and I have dots ticking on the others. Howl wears off and one had died in the mean time. I cast fear on one while I health funnel the felguard. Its target dies then we finish off the last one. It was awesome.

  32. Stupid Mage says:

    Is not Ice Block, it’s Invisibility!

  33. Theaah says:

    I just got my little lock to 80 about five days ago and Soulshatter is definitely not as good as FD. ~_~ But, when I was leveling and doing normal random dungeons in Northrend she was Aff since I leveled as aff. I didn’t have aggro problems as Aff since you do less damage and it takes longer for your damage to get rolling than Destro.

    The thing I loved about soloing while leveling on my lock was, as aff, I could dot up as many mobs as I could reach and the healing from the dots meant I never had to eat or drink. I’ve never found hunters to be very efficient at killing multiple mobs at once while solo, so it’s a neat change.

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