This Needs to Be FRAPS’d.

So, the new instance, Halls of Reflection?

You know that part where the Lich King chases you?

I am SO going to FRAPS it and set it to this.

Just sayin’.

Seriously, that song was going through my head the entire time >_>

So, my 3.3 experience has been pretty good so far. Loving the new Misdirection. Loving the new Cower. Noticing that Wash is suddenly critting so much that I find myself wondering if Blizzard secretly snuck in pet scaling (at least for critical strike) and didn’t tell anyone. If this is the case I may have to revise my talent spec to put at least one point in Invigoration to take advantage of it.

Loving the new LFG especially on my little alties. At this point I have little interest in Emblems of Frost or new gear, I’m just glad to be back in a world where people are hyped up about instances again! <3 P.S. For anyone curious, I have tested it, and Ferocious Inspiration and Culling the Herd do indeed stack.

15 thoughts on “This Needs to Be FRAPS’d.”

  1. I love this new fight with a good group, HATE it with a bad group.

    I’ve been tanking it on the pally. Haven’t run it with the hunter yet… i need to do that.

    BRB running it on the huntarD! 😀

    P.S. Are you applying for the hunter columnist job?

  2. Yeah I noticed that Blizzard is like: “people aren’t using their pet”, “but they’re hunters”, “yeah I know, weird, huh?”, “well lets give the good hunters a buff, and give the bad hunters incentive to be good hunters”, “sounds good to me”

  3. I’ll agree…I LOVE Halls of Reflection!

    That place is nutz on heroic when you are right on the edge of having Arthas “get you.”

  4. @Fitz Yeah, I tried to persuade Pike to apply for that position at, but I don’t think she’s going to. 🙁

  5. Well, the reason i ask is: I applied also… but was gonna abandon all hope if pike applied, what with her being the new hunter community juggernaut. 😀

    By the way, i had an AWESOME group for HoR on my Paladin on heroic, then a completely fail group on my hunter on regular. The regular run was sooo much harder. This random dungeon thing is a total crapshoot.

  6. @ Fitz & Xonate – I’ve also had several e-mails from people encouraging me to apply. The truth is, firstly, I don’t play enough WoW these days to properly write about it on Secondly, I have this bizarre hatred of writing about things I’ve already written about, and I think I would just end up retreading old ground with Thirdly, last I checked they already had like a hundred applicants or something like that…

  7. Hahaha… I have a little stuffed reindeer with a saxophone that played Yackety Sax… and I totally keyed into vent and played it during that event! /highfive

  8. I have had great success with the new random dungeon tool. So far it is a blast. Of couse we had awesome heals with 8/9 I ran on Sunday healed by druids.

    I must admit I greatly dislike the new disenchant option as I have an enchanter and with my horrible rolls I never get mats anymore. I had to tell my guildies that they better not sell the infinate dust they won when running with me as they will now need to supply it for any enchants they hope to get from me.

  9. See, my Heroic Halls of Reflection take was:



  10. LFG is great. You also get a new companion pet after you get the achievement called the Perky Pug. Got it a couple days ago.

    Cute little puppy.

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