You shall not hold me down, Cough!

Have at ye! *wields cold medicine*

This is what I did today, in spite of having said persistent cough:


I got a ring out of it, which means for the first time in my entire WoW career, I am wearing all purples. Took long enough, dontcha think? =P I mean, I’ve only been playing the game for, I dunno, two and a half years at this point…

The fights were, for the most part, fun and interesting. I look forward to writing up a guide once I’ve ran through this joint a few more times.


Ah Onyxia, the classic. I’m kind of disappointed I never got around to solo’ing her before the change, but at least I do have the Sinew in my bank so I can theoretically still do the Rhok quest (if I can ever get into a Molten Core group without five or six other hunters who also want the Leaf). I am also glad to say that four of my best friends and myself took her on at 70. It was glorious. I made it a movie that can’t go on YouTube because it’s like thirty seconds too long.

Anyways, here’s a hint for the current Onyxia: if your computer can’t handle lots of things onscreen at one time, do not look at the whelps when they are being AoE’d. Trust me.

So a pretty darn nice polearm dropped. I won the roll, but then traded it to our bear tank afterward, because I know she really wanted it. Or at least the weapon that it turns into.

But then we found out something interesting.

See, when you turn it from the ranged-oriented weapon into the melee-oriented weapon, you keep the original weapon. So you basically have two polearms.

And that first one can be traded within that 2-hour period.

So, she kept the copy, and I got the original back.

I have no idea if this is intended or not and I’m half expecting Blizz to take it away during the next wave of rolling restarts, but until then, we are Polearm Buddies:



So yeah. This week shall be known from here on out as “Let’s see how many raids Pike can stuff herself into and still maintain her sanity.”

In other news, I’m come up with some super interesting Beast Mastery and pet related math on the online spreadsheet as of this latest patch. I’ll go into more detail on a later post, though, because the NyQuil is gonna knock me out in T minus ten… nine… eight… …

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  1. Good job. I quit playing last month and miss it so much but it just became too much of an addiction for me. That’s why I just try to go around and see how other peoople are doing at WoW….

  2. Sorry to hear you’re sick Pike! Been there, done that, and “really sick” is never fun.


    Just remember, like the OP Pally phase of Wrath, this too shall pass. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later, neh?

  3. If you get knocked into the whelps it’s -50 DKP!!
    Throw more dots.. more dots.. come on now hit it like you mean it!

    Haaha.. I’m so ashamed that douche in the video* is from the same country as I am (Finland). Classic video tho, and a good reminder not to take WoW too seriously 🙂 *If you guys dont know what i’m talking about try a youtube search for “onyxia wipe animation”.

    Big gratz on your full purplezz, I myself being a semi casual non-raider only got full epiXx (as in lvl 213 or above) on my Hunter a few days ago 😮

    On another note, i’ve been trying to reach you and I sent you some emails some weeks back but never got a reply 🙁 Did you ever get them ? I would like to discuss some Huntery / bloggy stuff with you if you have the time 🙂

  4. Reinforced Shadowstrike! Too funny. It’s worth noting that the original lvl 60 version was considered one of the worst weapons ever. “Vendorstrike”

    Actually check the comments on wowhead on the old version.

    The new version however, is really bloody nice. The fact that it splits into two weapons has got to be a bug. But I bet they won’t take away either of yours, so you can be PABs 4evar.

    Gratz on all the gear and pushing through new content. Its fun to keep track of where you are at. Very jealous that you have a sinew, I killed pre3.2 Ony probably 10 or 12 times (lost count), about 1/2 of those solo, and never got mine. /sadpuppyface.

  5. “I do have the Sinew in my bank so I can theoretically still do the Rhok quest (if I can ever get into a Molten Core group without five or six other hunters who also want the Leaf).”

    Make friends with a healer. I duo’d MC with an 80 Priest to get my leaf (and if the Priest item had dropped instead, it would have gone to her), with my turtle doing the tanking, and, while there were a couple of close calls, there were no wipes.

  6. @ WB – Derp, you are correct. Fixed it ^_^ Thanks for the heads up!

    @ Sisutar – due to the number of e-mails I receive and my own schedule, it sometimes takes me a few weeks to respond to e-mails I am afraid =/ If you are concerned that I didn’t get your e-mail regardless, you are free to try sending them again.

  7. Hey, I know you said you’re not interested In aion, BUT I just got my preorder on friday and I wrote an article about creating my new Ranger (Hunter equivalent in AION) and the overall experience. So if anyoene is interested in how the game compares to WoW from the eyes of a Hunter player of several years, please do check it out, pictures abound 🙂 And please leave feedback :S

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