Two or Three Huntery Things About Patch 3.2.2

Just a few hunterrific things you may or may not have noticed with this latest patch…

1.) Bestial Wrath Graphics Change:
This was pointed out to me by a guildie who wanted to know if my Bestial Wrath went “RAWR” anymore, because his didn’t. I tried it and immediately assumed it did, however, this was because my pet was by my side. See, now your pet will still go RAWR, but the hunter will do a Swirly Ball– a la Old Rogue Detect Traps– and make a cleansing noise. This falls in line with Blizzard’s intention of turning The Beast Within into a “defensive ability” in PvP. However, I still firmly consider it to be 100% offensive in PvE, and I sorta miss my personal RAWR! in all its ragey glory.


At least Swirly Ball is sparkly.

Pike’s Final Grade: B-

2.) Feed Pet Graphics Change

You now visibly toss your pet a snack, and your pet makes a cute noise and jumps up and catches it! It’s the cutest thing ever and I love it to bits. Too bad thanks to Bloodthirsty and the Mend Pet glyph, I hardly ever feed my pet anymore…


Pike’s Grade: A+

3.) Pink Elekks are Not Tamable



Pike’s Final Grade: F. But at least we get the minipet, right?

15 thoughts on “Two or Three Huntery Things About Patch 3.2.2”

  1. Wait…. I thought they removed Feed Pet and replaced it with a Pet Attack button…

    At least that’s what’s in place of Feed Pet on my bar for OmNomNomNom. Lately he’s been dining on Direbrew. 😉

  2. Aww I was going to mention the feed pet animation change, damn you Ms Speedy pike! :p Love it to bits though, try feeding a turtle pet so cute 😀

  3. I love the Feed Pet change, I’ve been wanting that in since I first did the daily in Howling Fjord where you throw fish at the Reef Bull to lure him to his mate.

    As someone who still uses Feed Pet I adore this change. I do have the Mend Pet glyph but magic isn’t very nourishing! Pets need real food! So I continue to feed them properly. *nods*

  4. Oh my god, I can’t wait to try out the Feed Pet thing either! True, I don’t feed her as much as I used to but I still can’t resist letting my beautiful kitty get a treat for patiently standing beside me as I gather ingredients to make Fish Feasts.

    I like to imagine her getting all giddy when I yank a fish out of the water. (^.^)

  5. @ Jaedia and Phyllixia – Hey now, it’s okay for you guys to post something I post… not everyone reads me I’m sure =P

    @ Kimberly – loving it thus far, I’ve seen a pretty substantial DPS upgrade due to the added buff on top of the nerf ^_^

  6. Oh! I didn’t read that they made it do more dps in the release notes, just that they nerfed it down to 10 sec. I’ve been running in my marksman spec lately. I just can’t enough dps out of BM in ulduuar.

  7. PIKE IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE PIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! PIKE FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ARE WOLVES BETTER THAN DEVILSAU5RS? IN BM? PLEASE LET ME KNOW. PIKE FOR PRESIDENT OF AZEROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PIKE FOR WARCHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Kalvun – *blinks* Erm, thanks! I think.

    As for Wolves vs. Devilsaurs, in my testing, I am now seeing a slight DPS increase with wolves, yes, as of the latest patch. But I have a post about that in the works.

  9. Pike,
    You have the best blog. You really “keep it real”. I have been working a lot of 12 hour days in a row and finally went out and celebrated Brewfest IRL. Thus the all cap rant. /blush/facepalm/shy grin. Sorry. Anyway, hope ur feeling better and keep up the awesome work.

  10. The Feed Pet animation – possibly the greatest addition to the hunter class since someone said “Hey, these archer doodads, let’s let ’em tame pets to fight alongside them!”

    Absolute Gospel Truth! Mjolnir is starting to look a bit fatter than normal…

    The one thing I find annoying this patch is the reinstating of the Kill Shot minimum range – it isn’t like hunters really needed another nerf in PvP. :-/ Oh well.

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