Five Best Things About My New WoW-Playing Department Manager At Work

1.) He has started to give me Saturdays off specifically so I can go to Ulduar
2.) He has also started scheduling me Tuesday mornings (instead of my typical Tuesday evenings) so I don’t have to sit around at home every Tuesday morning wishing the servers were up
3.) We talk about WoW while on the clock and I don’t get in trouble
4.) We both have two level 80 hunters
5.) Everybody else at work plays WoW too

Oh yeeeeeah.

(Nobody at work knows about my blog yet, though. I figure, it’s crazy enough having all my WoWfriends know about it… I’ll put it off at work for now…)

20 thoughts on “Five Best Things About My New WoW-Playing Department Manager At Work”

  1. I find its best not to tell too many people you know about your blog. I’ve only told one real-life friend about it and as soon as I did I suddenly wanted to post about some of our past experiences (not all of which painted her favorably) but realized that I probably shouldn’t now.

    Anonymity breeds freedom.

  2. @ Anon and Lienna – Not really a big deal if people at work find out; pretty much all of my IRL friends know about it already. I just see no big reason to draw attention to it unnecessarily!

  3. 😀
    Most people fit their raid times around jobs, VERY nice job where you can do it the other way around :>

    Now… Just hope you don’t start disagreeing on spec, or similar things, or you’ll be working every raid night 😉

  4. I suppose its more of an issue for me, blogging about life, the universe and everything, than it is for you blogging about WoW.

    Guess your workmates will find out oneday, maybe you’ll find out one of them blogs too!

  5. If they don’t know your characters names or your blog, the moment you reveal them they’re going to be like, OMG YOU’RE PIKE?!?!?!?!!? CAN I HAZ AUTOGRAPH!!!!! :p

    You’re one of those hunter blog celebs. Everyone’s been here ^_^ They know about the blog…they just don’t know it’s yours hehe =P

  6. @ Cait – Oh, they all know my characters’ names and what server I play on, in fact, most of my co-workers have characters on my server by now… XD

  7. Pike, I gotta say then I’m assuming they’re either blind of the wonders of WoW blogs and all the info available on them…or they’re playing dumb since you’ve spoken about not wanting to hype up the blog etc. etc. =P

    I guess if you want to be truly nerdy/professional about it you’ll just casually hand them a business card someday with your blog on it. Tell them Kindergarten starts up again soon. XD

  8. I so envy you having an awesome boss like that. Mine just got mad at me for testing windoze 7/ie8 on our ERP environment instead of checking to make sure backups were current.

  9. So does that make me cool since I am a boss that plays wow? Only one of my employees in the past played, but transferred to a different team. Many other co-workers play though and we talk at work

  10. soo lucky. i have a few people in my classes that play WoW, but most of them are immature and as soon as they found out i’m primarily alliance, they were like “LUL ALLIANCE KID L2HORDE NUB” and i haven’t been able to talk to them since 😛

  11. you’re lucky, nobody plays at my work… in fact, everybody who was playing got fired but … that can’t be good 🙂

  12. That’s pretty awesome, Pike. I’d probably die if I found out any of my own teachers played WoW. o_o;

    However, a couple seniors at my school play, and I’d catch them in my Art class last year discussing it, and I’d giggle and sometimes pipe in and they’d /stare/ at me. Which, actually made me feel good. xDDDD;

    The one person was actually wearing his “Camp Tajuro: Welcome to Kodo Country” shirt. <3 I think he actually plays a Hunter, actually. He has the Hunter class shirt as well, hence why I think that. (He has a number of the WoW shirts. xD)

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