One-shotted. 4968 DPS from yours truly, of which Wash– who lived the whole time– did 38%. Of course, I got destroyed by a mage, DK, and Marksman hunter, but that’s one of the great things about my raid group: people are good!

But yeah. Even if everyone is way over-geared for this now and much of the title’s value has been cheapened, it’s still cool, no?

I <3 my guild!

15 Responses to “Actually I'm More of a… Morning Elf”
  1. vulcanhammer says:

    Gratz Pike! very nicely done…and despite being overgeared the encounter is still a pain if the fire walls don’t play nice ^_^

  2. Xonate says:

    Even though it’s easier with gear, you still have to have a relatively coordinated raid group, as well as extremely high DPS. So, once again, congrats Pike.


  3. Greymalkin says:

    DRAGON IS MINE! *Does happy dance* And nice dps, hunter buddy :D

  4. Leah says:

    did you guys do it the right way? if so – huge grats!

    most people (including, I confess, me and the group I did it with) do it the zerg way which makes the encounter a glorified patchwerk :/ which is why, I’m wearing Elder as my title (at least that one took some serious effort to get O_O)

  5. clra2 says:

    >.< I are jealous.

  6. awsemogreeb says:

    The new title matches your guild tabard rather well :)

  7. Jaedia says:

    Very cool, gz :D
    Probably my favourite title after Hand of Adal (purely because that one means a lot to me, though my priest has it not my hunter :< )

  8. Indigo Haze says:

    Congrats. It’s not an easy achievement without coordination, but yes having better gear does make that coordination a little less critical.

    Now, when are you going to be Immortal? ;)

  9. Magli says:

    Congrats! It is a cool title. And I like the fact that you brought a dragon minipet along to the slaughter.

    You know, it might be an intesting post: what titles do you use on each of your characters, and why? I’d be interested, at least….

  10. Ril says:

    Great work! Congratulations from the other side of the ocean ;)

  11. Pike says:

    @ Magli – Tawyn uses whatever title I’m proudest of at the time (or looks good, floating above her head)

    Lunapike uses “The Diplomat” because it took me forever to get it, and it looks good.

    None of my other characters have titles!

  12. Durkonkell says:

    Congratulations, Pike! I like “of the Nightfall” even though I don’t yet have it myself.

    I wish my guild wasn’t fundamentally of no use (yes, yes, I’m the GM)…

  13. Karhazn says:

    Once again Grats!

    One day we’ll make sure to grab you a drake.

  14. Karhazn says:

    Also, thanks for the moral boost!

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