Patchy Goodness

I have a confession to make, mainly, I haven’t done a whole lot on either of my 80s since the patch hit. Oh, I’ve played around, gotten some badges, probably enough to buy something actually, but I’m not sure what I want to buy yet so I’m holding out.

Still, I am very pleased with this patch overall. The other day I was hitting close to 3500 DPS in a Heroic, as Beast Mastery, with Gift of the Wild as my only buff, and that was before I realized that my pet’s focus dump move, Claw, had turned itself off. Which, FYI, is a huge DPS loss in and of itself, so the fact that I was doing so well without it made me very happy. (Don’t worry, I did promptly turn it back on >.>)

I also hit an end result of over 3900 DPS on Emalon in VoA, third on Recount behind only a mage, and a Marksman hunter who out-geared me to heck and back. Also I was getting about 2 frames per second, as is what happens to me in 25mans. I wonder if Claw was on that time or not. *stretches lazily*

Other than that though, I have just been playing around and having a blast. Lunapike is in that final stretch before 80 and I’m looking forward to being able to say I have two max-level hunters again, followed by going to work on a third.

Yesterday the boyfriend and I got to talking about old instances. Now the boyfriend has opted to go on extended WoW hiatus, for a variety of reasons; his account is not currently active. However, we both have this fanatical love for old, rambly, looooooong instances like BRD. And he said he thought he knew how to go from the entrance of BRD all the way to the last boss by memory, without looking. So I said “Oh really?” in a bit of an owlish tone; he said “Yeah really,” and we opted to test this by having him navigate BRD for me solely through voice chat. I decided to take my druid because of Stealth and Starfall, and ya know what… the boyfriend is good.

Also this sent me into fits of laughter:


It made me kind of want to run around and do old instances all day long.

But yeah, now that my addons are (mostly) fixed, I <3 this patch dearly! Oh, did I mention that my new guild is way too nice to me? First, they are inviting me to basically every raid ever. Secondly, upon informing them that I typically cannot make their raids because of my schedule, a couple of them hinted around at trying to set up a raid specifically tailored to a time that I can make it. Thirdly, they sent me Slime Stream Bands in the mail.

The warm fuzzies… they overwhelm me *sniff* x_x

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  1. As silly as it is, I felt crazy awesome bein’ like “Turn left, now turn right, go forward, up the stairs, around the corner, fight this group, now do this…”

    I need to figure out how I can apply my memory of instances to something which makes me some money.

  2. So jealous….

    I mean I’m kinda in the same situation you where in guildwise (crazy schedule and all) but I’m having no luck so far. Seriously if the faction change was in effect right now I’d apply to your guild…

    anyway! good to see your having fun, and I can do scholomance from memory if needed 🙂

  3. Not to attempt one-upmanship (as navigating scholo from memory is indeed impressive,) but scholo is actually a specialty of mine. It’s by far my favorite instance in the game, and on multiple occasions I’ve actually drawn mapes of the instance from memory, including notable pulls, and points of interest such as the locations of the various deeds, and the torch which opens the secret door.

  4. LS, perhaps you can market voice guides to doing complex instances such as BRD! Players can run it in the background while heading into the instance. Granted pausing might be a difficulty if you need a break, and accounting for different pulls could prove an interesting technical challenge.

  5. Fahnsu, I think I’m going to do that just because it’s SO AWESOME. >.>

    I’ll need test groups of properly leveled players to do the instance so I can do some testing. I’ll sit on vent with them and give them instructions, and figure out how long it takes them to complete them <..>


  6. That’s great you found a good guild they sound really nice like my guild on Blackhand-US Horde. When I wasn’t able to raid on my Enhancement Shaman at one time they sent me the Rusted-Linked Spiked Gauntlets which I was greatful for them thinking of me.

    I just kinda can’t wait till summer is over and we start raiding again. Now I have a new PC, time and a geared healing Paladin to run raids/instances but everyone has cut back on their playing time 8-P

  7. I’ve found that the addon “BadPet” is a godsend for that pesky auto-turnoff of pet talents. It lets you save pet talents for solo and group setup, and it will sound and display a whip when something gets switched around :D. You click it and everything goes back to the saved version.

  8. I have finally decided I just don’t get survival. That or my lag just screws me over. I’m going to experiment with your build and see how I do with it.

  9. Pets are SO buggy right now. Prowl is constantly turning autocast back on, among other things. This has been an issue for several patches that Blizzard is aware of. I also filed a bug at the beginning of Lich King about my damn pet getting stuck in the environment. She walks across a tree root etc and suddenly decides she’s going to get stuck inside it. Another known issue Blizzard admits to but hasn’t fixed. I never realize she’s stuck until I’m in combat and either dismiss her or go back to force her to turn around and walk around the object.

    Unfortunately, despite doing everything by the book, I can’t get past 2k dps in raids at BM. I finally picked up dual spec yesterday and am using marksman in raids which MUCH better dps.

  10. Kimberly: Pets have been getting stuck in terrain since back in TBC (And probably before that. :/ ). For example, Brutallus in Sunwell was a particularly annoying fight as your pet would get stuck in the terrain pretty much anywhere you put them and end up not being able to attack him. (And this was when the only raiding spec was BM. ~_~ ) I’m not convinced that it’s high on Blizz’s priority list of things to fix.
    Also, have you tried putting Prowl on your pet’s action bar? I’ve found that doing that solved the problem for me. I’ve got all the things I don’t want turning on automatically on my pet’s bar (Prowl, Call of the Wild, Growl, Cower) and all the things that should always be on (Claw, Bite, Rake, Furious Howl, Rabid, etc.) just turned on in the spell book. I’m not sure if it works for everyone, but it’s worked wonderfully for me.

    And to Pike: I am so happy for you! It’s awesome that you’ve found a guild that makes you happy! I don’t really know anyone from your guild personally, but I’ve only ever heard good things about the guild. 😀

  11. Theaah: Yeah, in TBC, I actually reported it to Blizzard, and they told me they couldn’t reproduce it. Everytime it happened, I filed a new ticket and the GM would say Blizz was working on it.

    My pet bar is out of room 😛 But then, if that fixes the problem entirely, maybe I’ll switch out something else. Cower is the other one with the issue. *Annoying* Thanks for the tip!!

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