Am I An Addict Yet?


No? Two level 80 Beast Master hunters doesn’t make me an addict yet?

Don’t worry, I’m working on a third…

Edit: Got to admit, I dearly love my taurengirl. I love Tawyn, too, but she is a character whereas Lunapike is more, well… me. Honestly, if it weren’t for most of my friends being Ally-side, I’d seriously considering switching mains to Horde. Tauren for life.

Edited Edit: Don’t forget, I have a level 80 resto druid as well who I leveled as resto. So, I’m not *that* sheltered, right? I’ve branched out *hears groans in the audience* right?

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  1. As much as I love Hunters, why don’t you branch out some? I myself have a lvl 80 Hunter, lvl 63 Paladin, lvl 60 DK, lvl 58 Rogue and a lvl 2 Shammy 😀 Why yes, I am an altaholic

  2. If Worgen can be hunters in the expansion (and assuming that we will in fact get worgen as a new playable race) I’ll be working on getting a 2nd 80 hunter at that point.
    MY host of level 20-32 hunter lowbies will be jealous, but my dwarf will welcome the furry one to the ranks of the leveled.

  3. @ Bryan – I’ve tried other classes. Resto druid was the only one that came close to drawing me in the way hunters do. The way I see it, I play what I enjoy and have fun with =P

    @ Druff – I would actually roll a Goblin hunter myself, if those rumors are true. >.>

  4. I think when the third hits 80 then you can be an addict. My wife has 2 level 80 Holy paladins, but see’s not an addict and loves playing other things just as much if not more.

    I’m with Bryan here, time to branch out and try something new. Not because there’s anything wrong with hunters, but because even with the challenges a hunter does present, it is in some ways “easy mode” for much of your leveling. Switch over to something else and find a bit more challenge.

    Play something that’s similar, but different. Want to keep the pet? Go for for a Demo Lock. Want to stay ranged? Go fo a Frost Mage. Want a similar amount of control? Go Balance or Rest Druid. Want to own even more face, be even more invincible, and find the true meaning of easy mode? Go Prot Paladin.

  5. @ Psynister – I have a level 80 balance/resto druid… leveled as 100% resto, too! I’ve done my branching out *nodnod* >.>

  6. Grats! Another 80! I do agree with other, though you did do the Drood. Try another class. I want to try a Rogue, as it is the only class I don’t have to 80 yet. With the new heirlooms and mounts I don’t imagine it’ll be too tough. Grats again!

  7. @ Psynister @ Bryan – My Prot Paladin is level 28 or so. He was super OP and unkillable, which made him fun to play in WSG. But he wasn’t as fun as hunter or resto druid so he gets neglected. =/

  8. Pre-Wrath I had a 70 Dwarf Hunter and 70 Gnome Rogue, with a 66 Gnome Warrior. Then I went Horde and before finally unsubbing I had a 66 Troll Rogue and a low 60s Undead Mage. I also had numerous Alts of various classes, on both sides of the fence, in their 20s and 30s, with one Gnome Warlock in his 40s.

    Having two BM Hunters at cap, one Ally & one Horde, does not make you addicted. Having four, two of each, would still not make you addicted, unless they were on the same server. But if two were on PvE and two were on PvP I’d consider that acceptable 🙂

  9. I LOVE my hunter…she’s my first alt I ever rolled and is still more or less my main…I branched out, as you would call it, getting my pally to 80 and now I’m working on a Kitty Druid. I mean…i get to be a freaking cat! But of course, hunters, FTW.

  10. Taurens rock!

    If it makes you feel better, my guild thinks I’m crazy for having so many hunters…but I tell them that at least I don’t have dozens like Mania! They still don’t cut me slack. 😛

    At least now I’m working on leveling my pally so I do have SOME experience with other classes. I also have a baby resto shammy and a baby druid whose spec keeps switching because I can’t decide what to do with her. I find she’s not as fun a healer as my shammy but maybe that’s just me.

    But all hunters are still crazy in some way from my experience. 😛

  11. Stick to your guns Pike. I have not yet advanced my hunter to 80, but have a ton of alts. They all lost their luster after a while, and I always craved my BM hunter. And anytime I try an alt on a new server, it’s always a hunter. It’s what I like, and what I play. Keep playing to have fun!

  12. Not crazy at all. I’ve tried other classes but come back to hunters every time (I have 6). Not everyone gets their fun from playing different classes. Go with what works for you and don’t sweat what others think, Pike.

  13. I agree completely! And if it is a hunter addiction, who cares? We’re a party in miniature form; what other class can compare to that? Personally, I think the other classes are just jelous that we have so many options as to playstyle while leveling up.

  14. Important for people to realize is that your hunters are opposing factions. It makes complete sense to me to have at least 2 hunters so that you can experience both sides, while playing the class you enjoy the best. 🙂

  15. I’ve got an 80 BM Hunter Horde side, and I’ve started working up an Alliance Hunter that’s in the mid-60’s. If leveling a Hunter is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

  16. “Branched out,” huh? … I see what you did there.

    “Punny” you should mention that: I’m rolling a Tauren Druid this evening, most likely.

  17. Playing what’s fun is the way to go Pike, IMO. My main is an 80 hunter. I’ve got a 23 shadow priest, 45 lock, and 17 mage. The shadow priest is sort of fun-ish to play. The lock and the mage, even thought they do have companions (I can’t bring myself to call those demons “pets”), are not the same.

    There’s a certain synergy that a hunter has with their pet and their surroundings that I don’t feel as a lock or mage. That’s what makes playing a hunter best for me.

    so last weekend I rolled a second horde-side hunter that just hit 30…. go ahead! bring on the intervention! I dare ya!

  18. Hehe. Pike, I’m with you on the Tauren for life! My main is a Resto Shammy. I’ve leveled her 60 – 80 as Resto. I am currently leveling my Tauren Hunter, Shardlin. She’s 77 at the moment. I’m an altaholic as well, so I’m pretty “branched” out as well.

  19. Hey, Pike, the comments here reminded me of your Alt Project. Are you still doing that at all?

    (And seriously, you’re not that weird to prefer certain classes. I have used about 25 of my character slots, and something like 18 of them are hunters, shamans and druids … and almost all trolls, tauren and draenei.)

  20. Ah…congrats on a level 80 BM Hunter! (again)

    If you enjoy Hunters so much then you keep on levelling them and telling us all about them!. I’m sure we’ll happily come here to read the stories.

  21. 2 hunters is nothing. Seriously. I think I have 7 (1 80, and various other levels — i also have an 80 rogue and a DK and mage in their 70s).

    The reason for all the hunters? Pets. I love them and I like to try different ones. However, back in the days of 3 stable slots (when it was really only feasible to have 2 pets), it was hard to keep switching. My Nelf hunter felt “right” with a cat and a gorilla. He would never have a bear. But my dwarf would. And she likes wolves too. Hmmm….I’d like an owl….the dranei hunter is totally a bird lover. The orc likes hyenas. It just snowballs. I blame the pets.

  22. @Pike

    I did mean at 80. I figured you had more! 🙂

    So…is it the pets? Or do you just like rolling diff races? I do love the 1-20 grind, so get sucked in that way a lot too.

  23. @ Darowyn – It is largely the pets, yes, and largely the fact that I do so enjoy character customization and backstories especially when it comes to hunters.

    I also really enjoy the leveling content, and what better way to experience it than with my favorite class, I figure?

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