Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Just a couple of quick shout-outs in this post:

I figure most people know about Brajana’s “Needs More Stable Slots” charity drive by now but if not, you’d better check it out quick because there are only a few days left to help out fuzzy animals!

Mania, the editor of Petopia, is looking for info on how to improve Cunning Pets so we can deliver it to Ghostcrawler in one neat tidy package and he can stop saying he’s looked everywhere on the intarwebs and failed to find it. =P

Lastly, everyone should read this post by Rilgon about account security. It is very informative and easy-to-read, and even if you think you already know the ropes of account security, it’s worth a look as a refresher course. At the very least, you can go read one of the reasonings behind why yours truly flat-out refuses to use the terms “hack” or “hacker” when it comes to this sort of thing (the other reason being, hey, I come from a free software/open source background where it’s a positive word! =P Why yes, I am stubborn/elitist/an open source zealot/[insert your adjective here])

COMING UP NEXT: Either “My life with crabs” *cough* or rants about professions. I’m still undecided on which to write about next…

11 thoughts on “Shout, Shout, Let it All Out”

  1. You ever read The Cuckoo’s Egg by Cliff Stoll? He goes off on a footnoted rant of some length about how the word ‘hacker’ is considered dirty and what a shame that is. If I can remember, he says something along the lines of “The idea of someone crawling around inside my computer brings to mind words like “vermin” and “swine”.

    If you haven’t read it, by the way, that’s an amazing book.

    Anyway. Yes. Hacker pride!

  2. Been there, done all that…but thanks for the quick links to mend pet and SES either way 😛

  3. That web security post is a good lesson to take to heart, it was a nice refresher for me; I’d guess after looking it over that I do about half of what was outlined in it on a regular basis. I’ve always made it a point to have as complicated a password as I can hope to remember; although sometimes they got complicated enough that I wrote them down and hid the paper in my desk, which was probably a bad habit. I generally figure though that the people who are trying to attack my account are probably not going to be searching my desk. I do however run scans of my computer constantly, and it’s a habit to look for the most recent virus or spyware scans I can find.

    And sometimes I’ve considered getting a crab for Litharian. If I ever did, I would probably name him “Barnaby.”

  4. About the whole crab thing- I think I would enjoy having a cute little tenacity pet but I’m torn between a scorpid and a crab mostly because I can’t decide which skins of either I like better.

  5. Never seen the wiki article before, I tend not to hunt for such things, 99% of the time its “OMG soem evul persun who tok my myspac page!!!”

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