(It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

20 Responses to “Caverns Of Time Mishap #472”
  1. Molinu says:

    Awww. Now I’m glad I didn’t kill the little guy.

  2. Kate says:

    That screenshot is full of win. =D

  3. Celairia says:

    Have you any idea what you’ve done! You’ve doomed us all!

  4. Splat says:

    I must agree with Kate, this is an awesome picture. I love the lore you can see in CoT even more than the fights & loot drops, personally, and just wish I could interact more with the lore characters than simply watching scripted events.

  5. I had nothing to do with it. *hides Chromie’s Gold Coin*

    Neither did Atridormu or Tempidormi. :x

  6. krizzlybear says:


  7. clra2 says:

    roflcopter that is funny!

  8. Aureilie says:

    This is hilarious!

  9. Shagrat says:

    Old Hillsbrad Foothills… *shudders* “Thrall dammit, slow down and wait for heals! Thrall!” *Thrall dead*

    So the origins of Mr. Bigglesworth have been revealed. Meddling in the temporal stream could have very negative side effects ya know.

  10. Ray says:

    What some ppl do in their free time can be very entertaining. XD

  11. Kattrinsaa says:

    dammit jim, i’m a doctor not a veterinarian.

  12. Maerdred says:

    That just made my day! Glad I didn’t see this yesterday. It would have been wasted on me. Thanks Pike!

  13. Criven says:

    Most amusing thing I’ve seen this morning

  14. Asara says:

    Thank you for the giggle on an otherwise gloomy and annoying day. :)

  15. Clioratha says:

    I solemnly swear that I will never kill Mr. Bigglesworth (anymore)….

    Baby-spicing, on the other hand…. Mr. B was a cute kitten.

  16. So….much……win……internets….can’t…..contain it……

  17. ihlos says:

    Maybe if you had given him a cuter breed it would have melted his heart and we could have avoided this whole mess…… >.> ……..<.< ……..I’m going to the caverns of time for…..no reason….

  18. MW says:

    I am dying laughing right now.

  19. HP says:

    that explains a lot!

  20. His fate is already sealed :(

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