Tawyn and Wash do the Safety Dance


It all started when The Safety Dance came on my playlist and it got me thinking about the Heigan part of my “Eyes of the Beast” post… and then a light bulb went off in my head and I went dashing for the nearest pencil and paper. This was my first “real” try using a computer to ink and color a hand-drawn sketch (thanks once again to GIMP!) and it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. In fact, the hardest part was finding a good background of Heigan’s room that didn’t have a bunch of, well, people in it.

Next time I do Heigan I’m going to see if I can get a nice screenshot of the floor with the green fire on either side and I’ll set it to that, then I might try tossing it to the Blizz fanart folks just for the heck of it.

Anyways, I hope it made you smile. ^_^

28 thoughts on “Tawyn and Wash do the Safety Dance”

  1. You probably dont want to spend too long taking screenies of the waves in a heigan fight as it’s dangerous! Maybe you could record the fight without the UI (Theres an option for this on the Mac version) and take a [safe] screenie from that later? Just a suggestion. I think you could probably do the dance bit with no UI anyway, might be fun!

  2. Excellent piece of artwork. One of our guildies who has spent some time ‘inspecting’ Heigan’s floor reckons a bit of mortar in the cracks would soon sort all that gushing green stuff out …0_0

  3. @ Rilgon and Animagus – if I knew there were enough people out there who wanted art commissions and I could quit my day job for it (or at least slide down to part time for it) and not take a financial hit, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Tell your friends? XD

    @ Valilor – My plan was to do it while running and hope for the best. I was actually hoping to do it last night but my regular Naxx group decided in an odd twist to do everything BUT Plague so it looks like I won’t be trying it until we go back on Friday.

    @ Sargeras – Safety Dance has always been one of my favorite songs <3

  4. Wash looks right about where Oy does during that fight…”Oh what? who? AHOMGACIDWALLOWOWOW”

    I too use The GIMP for all my computery-photo needs. It’s a wonderful PS substitute if you can’t get your paws on it.

  5. One reason I love my guild is this:

    People are actually concerned with keeping pets alive on this fight. They really really do try to keep the boss placed so that pets aren’t in the Lava. Of the handful of times I’ve done it, my PaRappa has stayed alive about half those times.

    Cute pic 🙂

  6. That is too cute! I love Wash’s look XD

    I remember the first time I did Heigan I was the only Hunter to keep my pet alive, ironically, he was a lvl 78 cat. (I got invited to the raid literally 10 minutes after I dinged’ 80 cause there wasnt enough 80’s at the time. Unfortunately I outleveled my cat due to quest exp so poor Rou had to play catch up XDDD)

    And yes, there’d be tons of us who’d want commissions XD

  7. Amagawd!
    It’s adowable!
    You are such an awesome artist!
    Is it acceptable to expect more of this kind of work?

  8. I would love commissions too, Sevei and Marmalade (my cat) need to be immortalized lol XD Everyone do a vote: Should Pike do commissions? I vote: Hell Yes!

  9. Amagawd!
    It’s adowable!
    You are such an awesome artist!
    Is it acceptable to expect more of this kind of work?

  10. If you want to do commissions set up something on the page to survey how many people would want art done, how many peices they would want, and what they would be willing to pay for it. Business plan ftw!


  11. I fully agree with Ihlos. Set up a page on AotH gauging interest in commissions, and start cranking them out for Paypal monies.

    Hell, even if you don’t make enough to live on, you could EASILY make enough to pay for your WoW subs.

  12. The thing is that it eats up enough of my free time (this pic took maybe five hours, all told) that if I wanted to continue blogging and WoWing and all that non-WoW/blog stuff, I really would have to cut back my work hours to get in commissions. But I will look in to it. >.>

  13. I just got into a new guild today, and my brother is away for a few days at the moment, so I might have to see if I can get into a pug Heigan dance at some point. 😉

  14. I love it! I like how you are pulling your raptor along trying to make him move and all he wants to do is /dance. Thank you for sharing it with us. Another congrats on surviving the safety dance!

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