They Say You Can't Go Home Again (Warning: Screenshot Heavy)













…I say that’s a big falsehood! =D

Five of us who had done Karazhan together “back in the day” got together and went in and it was… so much fun. Favorite raid instance, always and forevah. <3 We hope to do "alt runs" in the future, where we pull together some 80s and some 70ish alts and nab said alts some gear. That would make my druid happy because so much caster leather dropped today that it was silly. Speaking of which... tamaryn70


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  1. /sigh

    I really loved kara. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in an instance, although I certainly talked way too much on Vent.

    My favourite fight was always the wolf fight. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

    Or chess. Me likey chess.

  2. GZ on the drood ding 🙂
    <3 Kara…though I have never seen the inside of BT or Sunwell, i’d love to go back and do these.
    But ahhh…Kara, brings back happy memories, memories of nights when we’d start at 7pm and not go to bed until 3am and we still hadn’t made it through every boss. Maybe we just sucked lol.

  3. oh kara, kara…. i have a love/hate relationship with it 😛
    raided kara for like a year and i’ve never seen Legacy drop, first time i go in there with my priest….yes…the damn thing dropped… i was so furious i gave the wrong loot to ppl. My guild still mocks me 😛

    (btw…i still dont get how on earth u can understand whats going on…your interface is so heavy xD )

  4. Ah Kara, such fond memories. The first raid I have ever done on my main, having started playing back in December of 07. Of course, I never did see the Wolfslayer drop /shakes fist. I always did like 10 man raiding more than 25 mans, as it focused more on the individual rather than the group.

    *Echo of Medivh cheats*

  5. Grats on the big 7-0!! Only ten more levels to go!

    I loved Kara, wish I could get some of my alts in there.

    @Rilgon- I noticed the same thing lol

  6. @ Rilgon – I am innocent, iiiiiiinnocent I tell ye! >.> *coughs*

    @ Luth – I have been trying to scale down my UI for a while now, however, I can never get it to a way that I am content with. To tell the truth I don’t have any trouble seeing anything, myself, unless it is a 25man or larger… and I am rarely in those… but a UI update is something I would like to sit down and do, eventually.

  7. Augh, we’re in Tawyn’s blog! We’re famous now! ;D

    In all seriousness, though, I laughed myself silly when I saw your last screenshot. Our magelings hit 70 the exact same way — we wound up roughly a quest short of dinging, and decided that the Kara openers were the best place to knock off the XP. Great minds and all that, yeah?

    I’m too lazy to comment on the post before this’n, too, but just so you know, Ela can make all of the pet foods. If you can scrounge the ingredients (and we can work something out if you don’t have access to the spices yet), I’ll happily cook the stuff for you. It might save you a chunk of change in the long run. 🙂

  8. I actually got a bit misty looking at those screen shots. My GM and I were waxing sentimental about Kara just the other day. My husband and a few guildmates never had the opportunity to see Kara. Hopefully we can find the time to take a group back. It’s such a beautiful instance and the encounters are so much fun. Thanks for bringing back a lot of awesome memories.

  9. How funny !

    We did KZ monday night, after cancelling a Naxx run for lack of healers. I logged onto my 69 resto druid and healed 6 other guildies ! We did it to show the instance to a new raider of the guild who never did it with us. It remembered me how I went there for the first time with my hunter 68 at the moment… (it was after the patch, couldn’t manage to ding 70 before, tried hard though…) Yes we were that crazy…

    We had fun monday ! I died a lot (not enough hp), but it was hectic and so much fun ! We couldn’t pass the chess though… I didn’t get the achievement with my 69 druid… Sad… 😀 And I hoped to ding 70 in Karazhan but the xp was just a pity… The loot were great ! 😀

    It felt odd running KZ again, with the friends I was with the first time. Like good old times…

    Thanks for sharing those sceenies. 🙂

    Take care,

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