Heigan Dancing Lessons For Your Pet (Movie Included)

Couple things before I post the movie on this:

1.) Beast Masters have it easier. Improved Mend Pet for the win.
2.) I make no apologies for my cluttered UI…
3.) …or the super campy music. =D

This is my first try ever using the YouTube annotation feature so let me know if you have any problems with it. And now our feature presentation:

I would like to extend a special thanks to < Song of Chu > for letting me raid with them this week, and FRAPS a Heigan run with them (and extra credit for trying so hard to get me to defect from my guild and join theirs… ;P)

23 thoughts on “Heigan Dancing Lessons For Your Pet (Movie Included)”

  1. Dont apologize for your UI if thats what you are used to then it works for you 🙂 And it looks oddly similar to mine. Nice video and i think the music fits the only thing that would have made it better would be if the achievement would have popped up at the end. Keep up the good work and at least you can still justify playing BM (Sadly i switched to MM for raiding purposes and miss my Loq’)

    Painmaiden ,Scarlet Crusade

  2. @ Painmaiden – I agree, I would have loved to have had the achievement pop up at the end. Oh how I wish I’d FRAPS’d the time I got the achievement… Wash survived that one too… I didn’t think I’d live, though, so recording it hadn’t occurred to me at all!

  3. Yeah, it’s strange how similar your UI looks to mine. Even though I’ve tried other stuff, and there are “superior” unit frames out there, Xperl gives me what I want…

  4. Gratz on your first movie 🙂 My guild makes the casters move, and tank, melee + hunters stay on top of Heigan and tank him where he is. Much easier and pet doesn’t take damage. Dancing phase is same.

  5. Well, I don’t have a hunter or a pet to give dancing lessons to, but after I saw the “no apologies for super campy music” part, I had to listen! It made me go =D and say “ahahahaha”

  6. Our UI’s look nothing alike Pike, but yours looks much cleaner than mine. >.<

    I have to ask though, who is the first song by, and what is the title. Makes me want to go digging up more music 😀

  7. That’s what I’ve been doin’ wrong!

    I do try and keep Mend Pet on Erethia during Heigan, but I let it slip a bit too often. I should make more effort, given mana is pretty much a non issue on Heigan due to putting Viper on during dance phases.

    I think I have a mental block against Mend Pet during the running phases, due to killing myself on my first successful Heigan by disengaging (Alt1) instead of mending (Shift1)… was so embarrassed.

    But hey, I died the first Heigan, lived the second… maybe third time my pet will make it! 😀

  8. First off, I rather enjoyed the music. 🙂

    Second, I’ve yet to live through Heigan (Thaddius kicks my butt every time, too), but when I finally do manage to improve my white girl rhythm it’s going to be nice to have this strategy lurking in the back of my mind. Thanks!

  9. In my opinion, it depends on the tank. If the tank is a pro, my pet doesn’t need Mend Pet at all – the tank knows to go far enough in the section so that pets aren’t hit with slime.

    If it’s a more inexperienced tank, nothing I do will keep my pet up for the whole time, even with Imp Mend (although Imp Mend is definitely good for getting rid of diseases etc).

    I’ve had both types of runs – ones where my pet dies 5x, and ones where he hasn’t died at all. Either way, I’m not too concerned as long as we kill Heigan 🙂

  10. Replace the “mend pet” button with the following macro:
    /dbm timer 0:15 mend pet
    /cast Mend Pet

    This way you get a 15 secs “boss warning” for mend pet. So you won’t overspam.

    If you overspam you not only waste GCD and mana, but also decrease healing done. It ticks every 3 seconds. So if you press it 2 secs after the last tick, it start counting again, so the time between ticks will be 5 secs. (Theoretically, if you spam it, casting every 1.5 secs, it never ever ticks)

  11. Nicely done. I normally just cast it right after I refresh Serpent sting. Pets are great to teach people how to dance. “If you are farther than the pet you will die!”

    P.S. Whats the first song. Very catchy.

  12. @ Phyllixia – That is a very good point to make, and I should probably add a note about it to the post. Thanks!

    @ The people wanting the song: “Move Your Dead Bones” by Dr. Reanimator.

  13. Great movie Pike! Though it was pretty blurry for me, though all Wow youtube movies are for me anyhow though. I usually keep my pet on passive on that fight as I feel my wolf makes a greater contribution staying alive and howling (is a wolf). But then again I’m MM so I don’t get the better heals from mend pet. But I will defenetly try to throw a constant mend pet in my rotation next time I do the dance. Thx again!

    Oh, btw, awesome music! ^-^ I have those and my play list and they’ve both came up at different points during that fight before, which was awesome! ^-^

  14. Thanks for this Pike- I always have pet issues during this fight because our tanks can’t seem to understand how important pets are for me as a BM. >>

    I’ll definitely try this next Naxx run. 🙂 I didn’t realize mend pet would keep my pet up if he got hit by a slime, so I haven’t used it at all. Last week I tried pulling him back to me when I saw he was clearly going to be hit- that didn’t work at all. 🙁

    A side note- our raid has no replenishment EVER, so what I usually do is pop viper during every dance phase and go right back into dragonhawk when it ends or whenever my mana is full, which ever comes first. Works great for me!

  15. Very cool video, I kinda wish my runs where tanked like that so my pet could join in.
    In my guild during phase one we tank the boss in one corner of the platform and all the casters kittycorner on the opposite side of the platform. Very easy on the tank (I have an alt tank so I know) no dancing is required for phase one, but none of us hunters or locks can send pets in.

    Hope your replenishment situation gets better once a few other classes get it 🙂
    (hehe im sv so ive always got it :P)

  16. Nice video, even though my raiding main isn’t a hunter, (is a disc priest) it helps to know what other classes can do.

    On a different note, how did you get the video on Linux? I haven’t tried yet, but I have read others say it can be a right pita. I have no problems running WoW via wine (and vent/teamspeak)

  17. @ Weaselkeeper –

    I regret to say that at the time, I was on Windows, for FRAPS access. I’ve yet to find a good program on Linux that can record WoW… though it’s been a while since I looked.

  18. cool, thanks for the info. I will prob keep looking, some of the new screenmovie tools for Linux look better than they used to, will try them out.

  19. “If the tank is a pro, my pet doesn’t need Mend Pet at all – the tank knows to go far enough in the section so that pets aren’t hit with slime.”


    “…what I usually do is pop viper during every dance phase and go right back into dragonhawk when it ends…”


    Ditto to both. I’m SV and my Toofy died a lot and early until the time the tank, healer, and I 3 manned it….and the tank noticed HIS positioning of Heigen determined my PET’S positioning.

    Also, I usually call Toofy back to me a few seconds before Heigen teleports back to the podium, so he’s by my side when dancing starts. If he follows Heigen back, I’ve seen him go through a couple as he tries to get back to me.

  20. Thanks Pike…
    Now I want my dear BM spec back… :'( I have to keep surv for now for my raid…
    And my cat dies, its a pity… (like the dps he does…).
    Dual spec coming will make me happy. :’)

    Sorry to answer this post so late, I didn’t get the time to watch this video before… It gave me the idea to check your other vids on YouTube to find your trapathon and watch it again, I remember I loved it.

    Now I’m BM nostalgic AND I’ve got Loïtuma in my head… Thanks… <.<

    lol 😀
    I love your blog, did I tell you already ?

  21. Wow. thats the cleanest ui ive seen in years. i use Aspected agean, wich puts your llike aspects in the totem/transform bar. it thelps alot too ^_^

    and shadowed ui, along with icehud, and elks buffbars. thats it lol

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