Left to right, top to bottom:

Tux, Level 80; Locke, Level 80; Eltanin, Level 79; Wash, Level 80
Alyosha, Level 70; Ivan, Level 70; Serenity, Level 70; Dmitri, Level 70
Kolya, Level 33; Regulus, Level 38; Alnair, Level 39; Chakapas, Level 37
Clifford, Level 18; Fiskars, Level 18; Scraps, Level 14; Niels, Level 16

And yes, there’s more. Though they are sadly attached to hunters who I don’t play as often. (The pets of six different hunters are represented in this quilt.)

…and yes, looking at this picture fills me with warm fuzzies. <3

33 thoughts on “PetQuilt”

  1. Plenty of kittens 🙂 And I love the piggy Niels especially. If I did this… then again, I’d better not. ^_^ TOO many hunters = too many pets too.

  2. warm fuzzies = /win

    that is so awesome, I think I am inspired, but my hunter pets would make it about 3 pages long (6 hunters x 3 or more pets each, wow)

  3. Heya Pike!
    I called my black kitty Pike, in honor of Pike!
    And the tigger from STV that I just can’t give up I’ve called Pearls. I think because my kitty ate some pearls, and is kindo smug about it all.
    I was wondering, does any of your pet names got some sort of back story?

    P.S. Love what you do, keep it up!

  4. @ Requisition -pffft, don’t make Locke come after ya. =P

    @ Krey – ok, I’ve gotta see a screenshot of that now. And yes. All of my pet names have a backstory.

    Tux – Linux mascot
    Locke – 19th century philosopher (like Hobbes), also a character from Final Fantasy 6
    Eltanin – brightest star in the constellation Draco
    Wash – character from “Firefly”
    Alyosha, Ivan, Dmitri – the three Brothers Karamazov
    Serenity – …from the show “Firefly”
    Kolya – another character in “Brothers Karamazov” (can you tell it’s my favorite book?)
    Regulus – star in the constellation “Leo”
    Alnair – another star name, means “Bright One”
    Chakapas – name of a hunter in a Native American legend
    Clifford – The Big Red Dog (get it?)
    Fiskars – brand of scissors
    Scraps – longtime cartoon character of mine that I invented and still draw frequently
    Niels – Niels “Boar” (Bohr); scientist

  5. Ok, so if we silk screen the pictures onto t-shirt material…can we then make it into a real quilt?!?!?!?!

    That would be great!


  6. I have to know, what is the original mob name of your spotted wolf on the bottom left (Clifford)??? I must have one!!

  7. @ Nikoli – He is not spotted, he’s scratching himself with his foot =P He’s one of the low-level wolves from the dwarven starting zone I believe.

  8. Shocking, shocking dearth of turtles, crabs, and other things which aren’t cats.

  9. You are, indeed, the Pike of Win. That or all Hunters are of a communal mind these days? 😛 If I were to do a quilt using all my Hunters’ pets… it’d probably be about as big, haha.

  10. Totally love the pic. If I did something like this there’d be at least five frostsaber pride watchers and three Humars in it. 🙂

  11. Heh, I can understand the warm fuzzies. ^^

    I don’t have as many hunters with pets as you do, but man I’ll never forget the first time I tamed a raptor on my first hunter. I didn’t care it was pink, it was a RAPTOR! Foshizzle.

  12. lol way to many Cats for my tastes, though the rare one in the Barrens is kool (I can’t remember it’s name lol) My pets consist of Draithius (Chimera), Gorilladin (Gorilla :P), Blacksting (Wasp) and Chewyourface (Wolf).

  13. Wash? From Firefly? I loved that guy, he was hilarious! I cried when he died in the series finale/movie spin-off Serenity /bawls

    Where did u get Regulus? I MUST have him!

  14. You gotta love cats! However, one that sadly seems to be missing ( and no, its not the god-damn spirit beast ) is the ghost leopard. Man i love mine, used to see a few hunters running around with them, but to my recent memory havent seen anyone else in a good few months now with one. Why the neglect??!!! On an aside, great work you’re doing here Pike, the hunter community is better and stronger for this site <3

  15. hey i was just wondering where you got Clifford that weird looking would and wat his actual name is?

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