News Flash: Pike Is Creepy and a Weirdo!

I was sitting around in Stormwind and LFG trying to get into an easy heroic for badges since my new project is to kit all my alts out in Heirloom items. And just my luck, a random person proclaiming “LF1M DPS for Heroic UK!”

I whispered him. “I’ll go!”

No response for a good two minutes. I refreshed the Heroic UK LFG pane. He was still sitting there with three other group members.

I whispered him again. “No really! I provide massive quantities of shot rotation and even a trap or two, and I’ll also bring this [Lovely Cake]!”

No response. I refreshed LFG. An elemental shaman had popped up, and about ten seconds later, he and the original group of four were gone. I sighed and, admittedly a bit peeved for not even getting a single acknowledgment, sent one final whisper. “Well, good luck with your Heroic.”

And for the first time I got a reply. “Good luck with not being creepy to people you don’t know, you weirdo.”*

So-and-so is ignoring you.


Then I burst out laughing. I told my guild and we all had a good laugh. My goodness. This is what happens when you try to be silly and fun in LFG I guess. My bad for forgetting that this video game is serious business.

I got back in LFG. “DPS LF any heroic. Rumors of my creepiness have been greatly exaggerated. PST.”

Got a whisper from a level 65. “I wish I was a higher level so I could run with you, just for that. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

I said, “I’ve got a resto druid your level. Wanna do something?”

One Mana Tombs later and the druid got a level. All’s well that end’s well.

*Heavily translated from the original, very broken English

28 thoughts on “News Flash: Pike Is Creepy and a Weirdo!”

  1. Their loss 😉

    Also – VERY cool of you to switch to a different character because you found someone that you wanted to hang out with for a little while.

  2. @ Rilgon – his name was Batosai, try not to look at his talent tree too hard. =P

    I believe the original broken English was something like “good luck with not bein creepy to ppl who’s u dont’ know” or something similar. I distinctly remember a couple of misplaced apostrophes. You might say it was an Apostrophe Catastrophe.

  3. @Rilgon His tree’s that bad? Yikes. You seen his weapon?

    He’s using some old level 70 epic crossbow. I nosed about and checked his reputations… revered with Argent Crusade. I proceeded to die inside because he’s using that old piece of junk instead of the Zombie Sweeper Shotgun.

    I’d take creepy Pike anyday! -grin-

  4. @Faulsey –

    If I had a gold for every level 80 I’ve seen (on both Horde and Alliance) still decked out in their 70 PVP purples, I’d have at least enough to buy a regular mammoth mount.
    It’s absurd. They have no clue in regards to the concept of diminishing returns on gear and they refuse to let go.

  5. To be fair, I was using that same crossbow ’til I got a drop out of Heroic UK.

    Though I got lucky and I got it on my first ever Heroic UK, and I probably could have found an upgrade sooner if I’d been looking hard enough.

  6. Wait! It sounds like they said weird and creepy was a BAD thing? WTF……I thought that was the goal was to be weird and creepy! Now I know what I have been doing wrong all these years…..but wait……my friends like me weird and creepy……I think I wanna stay that way!

    Gunsnbutter on Uther

  7. Hmm, but why no response after your first whisper? That one wasn’t creepy at all. The 2nd one was just funny. I would have been like “yes! Cake!”

    Randomly related… we had a guild social gathering last night and someone started yelling that we were freaks. It was amusing. So sorry we were in Silvermoon dancing. Sheesh!

  8. Why Improved Aspect of the Monkey, why? Also why no Wild Quiver? Sigh. My brain kinda hurts now. It is sad when people can’t recognize silly when they see it.

    I think you were better off not running with him. And I’d run with you any day. After all, you have CAKE!

  9. Yes, this is a serious game and should be treated as such… well, no not really. I think you should screen your pugs with silliness in the future so you’ll only get people that are fun to play with.

  10. If I had to guess, my bet is:
    – He wants loot that drops off the final boss.
    – He was afraid that bringing another hunter means less chance for him to get the loot.
    – He was too inept to simply say this straight out. Instead, he said “no other hunters!” in his head, and then got upset/defensive when Pike didn’t respect his (silent!) answer.

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