My good buddy Rip over at Critical QQ tagged me with a meme where I was supposed to open up my screenshots folder and post my sixth screenshot, regardless of what it was.

My first thought was “Oh, heck no”. I’m that person who takes screenshots of random funny crap people said in Trade Channel. I’m that person who is OCD and takes screenshots when buffs make my HP end in “000”. I’m that person who takes screenshots and then when I go back and look at said screenshots I have no idea why I took them.

But then my curiosity got the better of me. What IS my sixth screenshot right now? I’ve reformatted and reinstalled and moved around and copied and deleted and hacked up my screenshots folder so many times by now it’s a mess. So what could it possibly be? Something from when I was leveling no doubt, or one of my alts, or Tawyn when she was running around as a fresh 70 or something, right?


…so, remember when BM hunters were overpowered and cats were broken?

Yeah. Me too. /cough. I like things better now by the way, though I won’t get close to 3600 again until I’m actually in purples. But that’s probably how it should be, ne?

I tag whoever wants to do it =P

(P.S. original screenshot was unedited. I decided to do a rough edit job on it to take out the Vent password (no idea whose Vent that is) and out of courtesy on the Recount. Just in case ^_^)

11 Responses to “It's Not Showing Off If You Were Tagged”
  1. Tchann says:

    Oooh, hey, Vent info. :D

  2. Pike says:

    I have no idea whose vent info that is, though the guy posting it isn’t on our server anymore. >.>

  3. Gnomeaggedon says:

    Nice one!
    All I found was four fingers

  4. My sixth, according to the filename taken just after 2.30am on the 17th July 2007:

    It’s my warlock Alysha flexing her muscles in front of the Dark Portal. There’s no way she would have even close to 58 to actually go through it, but certainly levelled enough to tentatively sneak through Blasted Last to at least have a look.


    Memories. :D

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  7. eresin says:

    I will have a look tonight and see what my 6th screenie is.

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  9. Netheral says:

    Uhhmm, just wanted to point out that, even though you photoshopped out the names from recount, you forgot to photoshop out the names from the actual players. ._.”

  10. Pike says:

    @ Netheral – yeah, I know. I’m lazy. =P

  11. Netheral says:

    Yes, us hunters can be like that sometimes. :P

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