Back On The Treadmill

After much hem’ing and haw’ing…


Lunapike starts to work her way up the leveling ladder!

Now, I’m one of those psychos that actually really enjoys leveling. I love the quests and the lore and the world and seeing it all through the eyes of a character with a different personality than last time. Why do you think I have so many alts that are hunters and druids? Because my strain of altism is unique in that I enjoy the questing more than the “learning to play a completely new class” thing. For the most part I stick to what I know I’m already comfortable with and enjoy, and do more leveling. (And tame more pets, my other favorite part of the game).

Lunapike’s spec is a little interesting, so I’ll preemptively explain before anyone asks (cause I have been asked about spec discrepancies between my characters before)… her spec is meant firstly for making her pet more of a tank for more efficient leveling, and secondly for the fact that she’s on an RP-PvP server and may have to scuffle every once and a while. Those two types of specs seem to coincide quite well if you are a Beast Master hunter, just nab all the talents like Endurance Training, Thick Hide, and Spirit Bond. I’ll probably respec her at 80 but for now, this is what she is, and it works well.

I have no idea how fast or slow Lunapike’s journey to 80 is gonna be or whether she’ll even be my second 80 (Tamaryn is closing in fast in a surprise run from the outside! And down the stretch they come! Now taking bets!) but I’m gonna enjoy it. I was always disappointed that I got her to 70 a little too late last time and never even got her into Karazhan because WotLK came out before I could finish getting her geared up for it. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen this time; my taureness is at least gonna see Naxx, and hopefully a lot more too. Because I maintain my stance that tauren females* are the best playable models in the game and deserve to be seen in all that epic armor. *nods*

* Female tauren hunter is probably my favorite gender/race/class combination in all of WoW. I just love it. And it makes me really happy that there are a pretty decent number of us in the blog world!

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  1. Sweet! Ya ding’d 71 shortly after I rolled my lil death knoob on your server to say “Hiya” to ya! Grats! It’s fun to be questing again after hitting the level cap. And I still don’t think you’re creepy …. maybe weird, tho 😉

  2. You’re not alone — I sort of love the leveling process, especially questing. I like doing it with other classes, though, to see the different class-based quests.

    P.S. If you need glyphs or anything on VeCo, let me know.

  3. i LOVE tauren hunters, if I could change my BElf hunter to tauren then I’d serisouly consider it, but it’d be a male Tauren for me 🙂

  4. I notice, from your screenshot, that you still have the default, quest text “scritcha-scritcha”s over a few seconds, on. I’m curious why you prefer it to the instant quest text option? (“Because it feels right” is a perfectly acceptable answer, but I wonder if there’s another reason?) Thank you for representing the quirky, non-min-max’ing, playing to have FUN, dammit! majority of WoW players. We’re seriously under-represented in the blogosphere! /hugs!

  5. @ Bobo – mostly because I like the scritchy-scritchy-pencil sound it makes. And the text appears a lot faster anyway as of patch 3.0.

    /hugs back

  6. My first hunter was a female Tauren hunter-and she’s still there, level 24 for years, on Earthen Ring.

    I’ve always regretted not being able to stick horde side-I love Tauren!

  7. Cows are nice but there’s something about trolls that I really like. Maybe it’s the patois or the laid-back style of the Darkspear trolls, but I love em. I got: a troll hunter as a main, troll as a banker, troll mage, and a troll death knight. Somewhere along the line there will be a troll priest and a troll shaman. (lol melee)

    I do have a druid named Mooverine =) /giggle

  8. I’ll have to see the spec later but I have a pretty good feeling about what ya took.

    For me my favorite type of hunter is either the male Tauren or Draenei. I don’t know what it is about those two races but I love making any kind of class with either. Though sadly Tauren are the most restricted class wise. And I sadly haven’t played my Tauren druid in a while. Maybe he’ll come out of retirement someday

  9. Aw, thanks for linking to me, Pike!

    Looking forward to seeing you around the VeCo – maybe we’ll run into each other while I level my tree 🙂

  10. Love your blog.

    You can’t have too many hunters . . . isn’t possible! Taurens are cool (one female hunter at 40 something), but having leveled Horde first I really enjoy (and have too many Night Elves) and tend to play Alliance more. I know how typical Nelf hunter . . . lol! Still love them.

    Betweent he speccs and pets how can you have only one anyway!

  11. There is nothign wrong with that spec!..
    I’m running with the same one right now. What’s awesome is that worms are able to tank the elites for the elite quests, no problem, and when 3.1 comes out, they’ll be even better. Self-healing growl, anyone?

  12. “Because I maintain my stance that tauren females* are the best playable models in the game and deserve to be seen in all that epic armor. *nods*”


    (Female Tauren hunter here! =D)

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