The Coolest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Tawyn. Ever.




Thanks to Figureprints, Tawyn and the gear she exited Burning Crusade with1 have been memorialized for all time in the form of an actual figurine that is now standing very heroically atop my computer desk.

And it came to pass that upon opening the box containing aforementioned figurine, Pike did emit a fangirly squee that was heard throughout the surrounding land.

That is all.

1Okay, she’s holding Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle instead of the superior Choco-Bow, but seriously, it’s just that much sexier. And also her RP weapon. So. *nods* (back)

23 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Tawyn. Ever.”

  1. You have to know that this is probably one of the coolest, geekiest things any WoW Player could have. I am so jealous and green with envy.

    Major Gratz!!

  2. I bought my boyfriend one for his birthday, and of course had to order it in advance. I really wanted one too and had been in the lottery since it started, but it came up in perfect time to get it on his birthday. About a week after I ordered it he quit WoW for WAR. I’m still sad. 🙁 His druid does look really cool in full t6 in the print though.

  3. @ Mania – it really is sad that they won’t do pets >_< I would've paid extra for Tux or Locke or Eltanin by my side, I think.

  4. Pure awesome. Maybe I’ll get one made of my hunter. I would have to pick through all my gear and find what looks best though.

  5. Figureprints FTW congrats on yours!

    That is about the ultimate fanboy/girl gift one could give or get. I was checking out the website but the $130 price tag is a bit much right now.

    Question; since there doesn’t appear to be a globe around the figure doesn’t that void sometype of warranty?

  6. Yea …..heheh We got one too
    My awesome BM hunter Zalenna ….just loooks toooo coool
    i wish i had my White lion Geki with it too /pout

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