*knocks on wood*

As longtime readers know, my two main servers are Silver Hand (my Alliance server), and The Venture Co. (my Horde server). Basically 98% of my total playtime is on one of those two servers and I’m pretty content with them.


…and these past few days, I’ve been reaaaally content with them. >.>

*hopes she doesn’t jinx her luck*

13 thoughts on “*knocks on wood*”

  1. lol, Nice. I noticed last night when I logged on that my server had a queue time. So what’s with that. Why all the sudden that this weekend finds the servers so busy when all holiday season this hasn’t happened?

    Ah well.

  2. I love Turalyon. Sure we may be a carebear server but the only time I saw queue times was when Wrath first went live. After the first week, things went back to normal and we are at a constant ‘Medium’ status.

  3. @ Myze – I’ve been pretty lucky, Silver Hand has always been pretty consistently “medium” since I began playing, with the occasional rare spike up to “high”, and the queues right after the launch of WotLK. It kind of surprises me that it still remains at medium pop when all the other ones are bursting at the seams. VeCo I figure I don’t have to worry about, it’s always Low/Medium.

  4. 36 toons? Ye cats! I have 9…all Duskwood…and rarely find play time to keep more than 1-2 really active. The rest have dust on them so thick that they look like they were DE’ed.

  5. @ Ashazzar – I hardly, hardly play the non-Silver Hand/VeCo toons… that would be interesting actually, write up stories for why they are there…

  6. European servers are basically ghost-towns outside of Outland and Northrend, and even there, most of the chars are Death Knights… I would be happy to find a good large group of people to speak with. :<

  7. Hey, Pike has a toon on Shadow Council. /cheer

    Seriously, though, the queues have been monstrous on ShC lately, and it didn’t really start until this week for some reason.

  8. (Yes I know I’m late on posting a comment)

    You have toons on Cenarion Circle!? That’s awesome… That’s where I have my main. Are they horde side or alliance? I’m horde all the way 😛 Feel free to say hi if you ever want to 🙂

    (BTW thanks for posting the comment on my blog. For some reason it didn’t notify me like it’s supposed to that you did, so thank you for my first comment 😉

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