The Sad Tale of the Worst Glitch Ever

It all started when I was waiting around for my scheduled “Mirkblood Run” with my guildies in a couple hours. I figured I’d might as well work on some of those dungeon achievements that hadn’t been given to me, in the meantime, so off I headed to Blackfathom Deeps.

At least, that’s what the intended plan was.

Instead the boat disappeared out from under my feet and I wound up in the water in the middle of nowhere. Desperately I tried to swim back to shore but the Fatigue Bar was too much for me.

I spawned as a wisp ghost not at a Spirit Healer, but out in the ocean.

I made the long trek back to a graveyard outside of Stormwind, only to find… no Spirit Healer.

/restart game

/spawn as a ghost in the middle of the ocean again

/long trek back to Elwynn Forest again

This time, a Spirit Healer was there, so I rez’d and promptly got disconnected. Logged back in. And… I was alive! And things were back to normal.


I tried to mount. “You cannot use that while swimming.”

I got a whisper from somebody. “LOL, you’re running at 100% speed.”

Not long after that I was in Stormwind running around in the canals. Because I could walk on water now. People were stopping to stare at me and buff me. I pranced around on the water and had a blast despite the fact that my mana was stuck at 50% and using any aspect would immediately boot me from the game.

Then things started to get annoying. I tried to log into a battleground, no dice. I tried to go into Stockades, it wouldn’t let me in. I managed to ride a gryphon to Duskwood, but when I landed the flight master was gone. As were all other NPCs.

By this time I had sent a ticket into Blizzard and they’d already responded with an e-mail along the lines of “Thanks for your report and we’re glad you fixed it yourself!” Except, of course, I hadn’t fixed it myself (dunno where they got that idea), and things were getting worse by the minute. I sent in another ticket and went on a little personal fix-it spree; I moved my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders, I ran the Repair tool, I tried to run the game on both my Linux and Windows partitions, I ran the game on computers that weren’t mine and with routers that were not mine.

All that happened was it eventually got to the point where I couldn’t do anything, on any computer, with addons disabled or not. I couldn’t do anything because I got an “Another action is in progress” message. The worst part was realizing that this also meant I couldn’t feed Tux, who was getting more and more upset with me.

Or should I say, is STILL getting more and more upset with me. Because yes, this glitch has not been fixed yet.

I’m not in game right now, but my character still is. She can’t log out. She’s stuck. I have to force-quit the program and it doesn’t log her out. Tux is sitting there at maxed unhappiness; fortunately for me as of the latest patch pets don’t run away anymore (I… don’t know how I would have reacted to that happening. /shudder)

My guild went and did the Mirkblood quest without me. They have all been very supportive and understanding and wished I could go but… I couldn’t, and there was nothing anyone could do. That quest is gonna be gone in a few days. I hope this bug gets fixed before then you guys… I want that bat minipet and I want to see all the World Event content…

…but six hours later and no reply from Blizz, so here I sit…

12 thoughts on “The Sad Tale of the Worst Glitch Ever”

  1. Wow, that is really bizarre. I hope you get this resolved in time to obtain a bat minipet. You should have a guildie record you running at 100% speed, I’d like to see that. 😛

  2. Aw no! I hope you can get on another Mirkblood run, it’d be awfully sad to have to miss out on a pet because of a glitch 🙁 (though possibly you could petition a GM about it I guess, though I dunno how generous/sympathetic they would be!)

  3. @ Timothy – I FRAPS’d me running around on the water for a few seconds. Since then the 100% speed running has since gone away though =P

    @ Gryphonheart – All other characters on that account are 100% normal and fine. If I log into a character on the same server it shows both that character and Tawyn as both being online.

    @ Tchann – I posted it on the Technical Support Forum, there seem to be a group of people having similar issues so we’ve all been hanging out there. One of them said she was fixed when she logged in this morning, but I wasn’t, sadly =/

  4. i cant even describe my love of minipets…..its an obsession, if this happened to me MAN ide be pissed. just barely got my squashling and bat in time.

  5. Well, I logged onto my hunter that I have on Silver Hand, and you don’t show as being logged in today. Hopefully that means they fixed you.

  6. back when 3.0.2 caused all the instablilty I made the mistake of logging out in an instance…which means I couldn’t log back in until they came back up….sucked but at least I had alts to play.

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