So I Said I Wasn't Going to the Midnight Release

Yeah, I lied.

The Results of Pike’s Unscientific Survey taken while standing in a very long line yielded the following results:

1.) Way more people in this town play WoW than I thought
2.) This town is very Horde-biased (the ones standing in line anyway)
3.) The guy behind me who said something like “Yeah my hunter is pretty boring” and then moved on to talking about his other characters for the rest of the time, clearly needs to Learn2Pike! =P

So I was going to finish this up by saying something like “Goes to bed while waiting for the install”, but the install is just zipping along, so… erm… uh… *shifty eyes*

12 thoughts on “So I Said I Wasn't Going to the Midnight Release”

  1. Clearly what you need to do is A) construct additional pylons and B) remacro your army to take down what little resistance is left to spending 72+ hours playing Wrath without stopping.


  2. Yay Pike! I stood in a line for about an hour and a half, with 300 other crazy people in a small midwest town to your East… Rapid City. Haven’t heard back yet from Kes about how many he had over at Best Buy… but we shall see. I will bet anything that he ran out of business cards!

  3. Pre-ordered 2 standard copies…. Friends who didn’t pre-order raided a BestBuy at midnight.

    They bought a ‘spare’ CE for me. 😀

    Spent time outside of GameStop getting my normal copies and had an amusing exchange. They raffled off some freebies, the big one being the display stand from inside the store. The guy who won it was of course excited.

    *tap, tap* “Dude, you realize when you grab that thing you’re now the flag carrier, right?”

    “Screw you guys, you’re not getting it! Although I know at least 8 out of 10 of you have Rogues..”

    *everyone goes shifty eyed, looking at the ground*

    Guy on the other side of him from me: “Nope, no Rogue here… But I have a Hunter and Concussion Shot. You’re not getting away.”

  4. Pfft – they only had 16 copies in our store at midnight. 16!!

    And there was a ragged old queue which disintergrated as soon as Cinderella opened the box of games on the chime of midnight and everyone charged to the counter.

    /cast frost trap

    /cast Aspect of the Cheetah

    Snaffle a copy and go pay


  5. I preordered a copy, and stood around with about 150 other people. To say it was a line would be an exageration. However on the cool side, I saw an old buddy from college! That was neat. Of course, he plays a prot warrior.


    Poor soul.


  6. I installed it, made my death knight, and went to bed. I haven’t even played it yet, but I was in beta, so I’ve seen a little bit already. And being on the east coast and having work at 9am makes a girl do rational things.

    You know what didn’t have a long line for the game? Walmart. I got there at 11pm and there was maybe 20 people ahead of me. I had my game by 12:15. Yay Wally world.

  7. Well, at gamestop there were a ton of people. And what’s up with geeky wow people wearing black? I felt like I was at a goth fest or Combine was out to get me. I guess they must be fans of the death knight.

    I did the exact same thing. Made my death knight. Talked to the Lich King, just because I could and then went to bed. Now I have blood shot eyes at work. What do I tell my students?

  8. i was at gamestop was one fo the the first people in line and got my standard copy i was one of those people that wear all black. but like the other person i installed it made my death knight and installed if it wasn’t for the fact I’m on my way to California right now to see my fiance id be playing it right now

  9. There’s not a SINGLE CE sold in my hometown. I almost cried when that hit me. XD BUT I’m going to Helsinki to “meet a friend” (aka get the CE….. <.<) tomorrow. This time I’m not taking any chances, preordering my copy asap. My life can be considered over if I don’t get that sweet little whelpling. 😛

  10. I brought Pizza Hut and shared it with people in Line. We had a pretty Chill line, but there was one guy who you could smell the second he stepped out of his car. He kept trying to cut from the “Waiting to pay” line to the “Picking ours up” line. Eventually the Gamestop Employees told him that if it happened again they would refund his pre-order and send him on his way. Thankfully he waited in his car after that.

  11. It’s 10:16 pm on the 13th and I have already had a whole lot of fun in Northrend. I would have had even more if my Domain hadn’t been locked for hours. Anyway, I cheated. Pre-ordered then picked up the game from the store manager (who used to owe me big time but now we’re even) and was installed and online before midnight – yay me!! Mind you I still couldn’t get the CE straight away but that’s coming. I want Frosty!!

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