Screenshot Sunday

Full 40-man raids.

Laggy? As all heck. I was getting disconnected roughly once every three minutes or so throughout the duration of the entire thing.

Kinda silly in this day and age? Yeah, being a level ?? boss and being downed in under ten seconds has got to be rather embarrassing, I imagine.


…you betcha.

4 thoughts on “Screenshot Sunday”

  1. Do you still need 40 people to take down Ragnaros?

    Why not take those 40 people and take out the 4 horde city leaders so you can get the black bear mount! 😀

  2. Dilecto – Weellll it would be a little difficult to take out the Horde leaders with that particular 40-man raid. Seeing as we were, well… Horde >.>

  3. Aren’t all the city leaders lvl 80+ boss’s now? If so could we even hit them? I believe we can’t go for that bear mount until we all lvl up more but I could be wrong.

    Telrunya – Baelgun US

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