Two Weeks Notice

It’s weird to think that in two weeks we’ll all be leveling up again.

For me, it raises a lot of questions, like the specifics of the spec I’m going to be using (still wavering on a lot of the talents), which characters I’m going to playing first, where I’m planning on heading to level first… I mean, Howling Fjord was so pretty in Beta, clearly prettier than Borean Tundra. But I worry that everybody agrees with that, and is gonna be headed there. =P We’ll see. In the long run I actually rather like some (though certainly not all) barren/desertish zones. I love Tanaris and Silithus. They remind me of Tatooine from Star Wars. >.>

As for who to give most of my initial attention to, it’s pretty obvious that Tawyn is my main and so I’ll be playing through the content Alliance-side first. Aside from Tawyn being my most-geared and favorite character, it also comes down to the social side of things. Lunapike has always been more of a solo/experimental character as opposed to Tawyn who did the heroics and the raiding. And now that she is in a guild of, well, Entelechy refugees for lack of a better term (Entelechy actually disbanded recently, from what I hear), there is some discussion about making a “comeback” guild in Wrath of the Lich King and at least tackling all the ten-mans. But, we’ll have to see.

Two more weeks!

9 thoughts on “Two Weeks Notice”

  1. Seconding Nomakk’s statement. Had I not gotten into WoW sooner, I may have been a part of the Old Republic MMO crowd when it comes out. Forget WAR, I’m actually a bit scared of Bioware’s MMO. Despite their relatively less experience with the MMO genre, they really make polished games, and are very detail and lore-oriented when it comes to their games, particularly KotOR (essentially my favorite movie-turned game ever).

  2. Regarding comeback guilds, i’m hoping there is alot of interest, because I intend to lead my guild through the vanilla and TBC raids. Leveling in northend will make that possible, so yeah i’m very excited and not just for the reason that many of my 70s have been collecting dust.

  3. I kinda see Borean Tundra as a Hoth/Tatooine hybrid. But to be honest, I like places like Nagrand/Terokkar/STV more. It reminds me of Kashyyyk and Endor.

  4. Not to ninja the post with star wars talk, but i second Krzzly’s seconding! The MMO is looking very very well thought out. I will truly take a break from WoW to give it a fair chance 🙂

  5. The best part of having two characters high enough level to hit Northrend is being able to take one to one starting area and one to the other, I think.

  6. I originally planned to go to Howling Fjord when I heard that’s the Undead “expansion,” (I want rep with Undercity… assuming that post gives Undercity rep) but I switched my decision to Bonrean Tundra when I heard that’s where you meet the Taunkas… my Tauren hunter needs to meet her cousins! 😉

  7. I can see it now… A low-ish level Tawyn and Tux in Silithus explore around and find a place to overlook AQ…

    Tux: WTF is that?

    Tawyn: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy…

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