'Til We Meet Again

A group of just-turned 70s lost a DPS on Shadow Labs; so Tawyn volunteered to join them and help them finish up. I chain-trapped circles around the place, I doubled everyone’s DPS (I outgeared them to a fiendish degree, of course, but it’s the principle of the thing, ya know?) , and I wove my special shots between my Auto Shots, timing it all in my head, the way I learned how to do it…

I finished the Onyxia key quest. This included blasting through UBRS with some of my buddies. Afterwards we dueled outside Blackrock Mountain.

I attuned myself for Naxxramas– old Naxxramas– and me, my warlocky boyfriend, and our holy pally friend all went inside and marveled at the lighting and design and unique music and Mr. Bigglesworth. We tried to three man a couple pulls with Eltanin the Windserpent tanking. The first try was a spider who promply warped me further inside the room and caused a wipe of epic proportions. The second try was a gargoyle who we could have taken if not for his tendency to heal himself back to 100% health if not killed fast enough.

My comrades opted to log off there in Naxx just for the fun of it, to see what happens when they log back in tomorrow. I considered it, but in the end there was only one place I could log off tonight. The place where I first arrived in this strange new world. The place where I first had to figure out how everything worked and how I was supposed to play.

And so we come full circle.

I will see you all on the other side.

9 thoughts on “'Til We Meet Again”

  1. That made me shiver a lil to read, so sad!

    Shot rotations, how I will miss thee.

    I have never seen old Naxx or finished the Ony attunment, so I won’t know what I have missed there… which is sad in a different way.

  2. I’m very happy that I got to finish my Onyxia attunement (and even run her a couple of times with some 70 buddies), but very sad that I never got to see old Naxx.

    Very much looking forward to running New Naxx, though, and to playing a hunter in general. Shot rotations as we know them are gone but not forgotten. We have a lot of relearning to do come tomorrow, but the future for our class is truly, truly a bright one.

  3. @ Mazil – I like your Neopets avatar! =P

    @ Sade – Indeed, overall I am excited. I know it won’t be long before I have fallen in love with the class all over again.

    @ Rilgon – What, did ya think we wouldn’t? >.>

  4. I think I’m a little scared of all of the changes, but yet I’m so very excited at the same time.

    I still remember doing my Onyxia quest chain when I was level 60 and how truly freaked out I was when the lady first turned into a big dragon and spawned friends. I will say, that was epic for me and I’ll never forget doing it.

    Naxx attunement for me also came at 60, though I never managed to actually run it at that level. I was excited, as I ran it for the first time a few weeks ago. I couldn’t have had a better time and I will miss that it’s no longer there. I’ll certainly be running it again once I reach 80 and enjoy it, though. How could I not?

    Happy Patch Day Everyone! Good luck!

  5. Holy cow. That was a nice idea, I wish I’d have thought of it. It would have been amusing to park my lvl 70 dwarf among the new gnomes and dwarves. 🙂

    But no. My standard parking spot is right outside the Aldor inn, mounted on my netherdrake. If the world doesn’t melt today that’s where I’ll be.

  6. Reading this, I really wish I’d logged my peeps out where the level one gnomes spawn. *whistles innocently*

  7. I just received my key to Onyxia’s Lair last night! I had a blast doing the old world content. Much of UBRS can be 3 manned but Drak required 4 for us.

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