Betcha Didn't Think I'd Get This Far

So this past weekend I hit a milestone as I successfully managed to get a third character to level 50.

Wanna see a picture?

Oh snap! Hide your children! Shelter your weak, your young and your old! Houston, we have a problem! Pike has a level 50 character and it’s not a hunter!

What this unholy union of hunter and druid will bring in the future, I can’t say. But you’ve at least got to tip your hat to a class that can almost manage to keep my attention to the extent that hunters do. (Keyword: almost).

As for the inevitable “Why are you leveling resto you wacko” questions that I can already forsee in my crystal ball, I have four answers for you:
1.) I am doing a lot of instance/group stuff
2.) I never die
3.) Come on… you get to be a tree. Clearly the most fun of all druid forms. I run around Stormwind in Tree Form instead of Travel Form.
4.) Honestly, when I am solo’ing… tossing on some feral gear, piling on the massive resto HoTs, and going into cat/bear as needed is surprisingly effective. Not quite as fast as moonkin, maybe. And certainly not as fast as a hunter. But who cares about “fast” so long as things are working well and you’re having fun?

Well, that is my obligatory non-hunter post of the year. Hope you non-hunters that visit my site (are you out there?) were entertained! In closing, I would like to dedicate this post to BRK and BBB, both of whom are bloggers that I <3 muchly, and who have this frightening tendency to conspire together to bring Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged Fo'Shizzle to the Druidic and Hunterrific masses. We will return you to your regularly scheduled hunter broadcast program tomorrow. Until then, happy hunting and tree-hugging.

12 thoughts on “Betcha Didn't Think I'd Get This Far”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog, as well as BRK’s and BBB’s for a little while now. Ever since I stumbled onto them, I’ve made sure to check back, periodically, to make sure that I haven’t missed any posts from any of you, and am always disappointed if I’ve come back too early for anything new to be up. =p

    I’m a huge fan of ya’ll, as well as other bloggers that are linked by you three, and ya’ll have even “inspired” me to attempt to join in on the fun and start my own blog. Something that I’ve thought of doing for a long time, but never really bothered to start.

    Personally, I’m glad to see that you, BRK and BBB post about other things than your “scope of practice.”

    Your writing is incredible, and so is their’s. Thanks for the smiles.

    Peace and Love,

  2. Go Pike, go Pike, go Pike!

    I think you just turned my world upside down with your non-hunter!

    Oh, and I”m going to be giggling at “Massive Quantities of Sustained Ranged Fo’Shizzle” all day 🙂

  3. As another tree who levelled resto… forget the ferlol gear! Keep the +int and +spellpower gear on, entangle the mob and Wrath and Moonfire they’s butts! It worked for me, anyway! Also… do yourself a favor and do /cower in tree form. It does not disappoint!

  4. I leveled my NE druid as resto from ~lvl 48 to 60, it was a blast, & I really never died unless I actually ran out of mana (and sometimes not even then). I’d have to disagree with Doodle tho, keep the feral gear. Kitty/bear dps = no downtime

  5. It makes alot of sense…

    As a hunter you have a pet
    As the druid you ARE the pet

    my 2 70s are hunter and druid too

  6. I have two druids and two hunters too, it must be something about having a hunter main that the alt is a druid. Not sure why. I play my druids in duo groups, leveled with a warlock the first one, and am leveling with a paly the second one. The synergy is just awesome if you are feral/lock or boomkin-resto/prot. The first combo, we never really stop, the lock will lifetap, i’ll shift, heal, shift, keep going. Plus the heals and the soulstone. We never wipe.

    Ditto for the second combo (druid/paly), we gather up 5 or so mobs 2,3, 4 levels above us, and just nuke, throw some heals onto the tank. They die fast now. THe main problem is lack of +hit while leveling, so while we could take on something 5 levels above, we miss about half the time, so it’s not worth it. But yeah main point is druids are awesome in small groups.

  7. /cheer Pike

    @Rob — I noticed the same thing with shamans. For some reason, a lot of shamans have hunter alts and vice versa. Maybe it’s something about the nature-y aspects of all three classes that grab peoples’ interests?

  8. Whoot! Go Pike! A tree! I is a tree right now! ^^

    @Rob and MW – Heh. Most of the druids I know have mages as an alt. Heck. *I* have a mage as my second main, and my first is a druid. A fraction of those druids, however, do have a hunter for their third alt. Hrm… So what does it say about us?

    My fourth, upcoming little baby, is a shaman. -grin-

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